10 Best Traditional Dishes Of Greece

10 Best Traditional Dishes Of Greece

10 Best Traditional Dishes Of Greece Which One Should Try Once In Lifetime

Traditional Dishes Of Greece: There are wide lots of things for which Greece is made for and is certainly not just for a – A Big Fat Greek Wedding. There are picturesque scenarios, exclusive beautiful places to visit for.

Well but there are few foods in Greece which if pronounced in English do have a strange name but if you taste it once, you are sure to remember that strange name also. Here is a list of some exclusive Greek foods which will make your mouth water and your tummy will not feel left out but try it, you would not be able to cook it.

  1.  Taramasalata
Taramasalata- Traditional Dishes Of Greece

This creamy pungent dip is surely the many people’s favorite. This dish is made from smoked fish roe (cod, carp, or mullet) and is usually blended with lemon and olive oil, homemade taramasalata which is much better to taste than the pink industrial version which is sold in supermarkets.

Where to try it

There is Agios Sostis, the arc of golden sand giving right onto a turquoise bay on the remote north coast of Mykonos. Right above the beach next to the whitewashed church, Kiki’s Taverna is loved for the no-fuss menu which includes taramasalata appetizer.

  1. Kolokithokeftedes

This is irresistible and is best eaten when it is hot when they are crispy on the outside and certainly moist in the middle. These tasty fritters are made from grated courgettes flavored with onion, fresh mint as well as crumbled feta cheese which are bound together with a mixed batter of flour and egg and then fried. Well, this dish is perfect for vegetarians.

Where to try it

This dish is found throughout Greece but they are at their best on Crete. Try booking a table at Tamam in the former Turkish hamam in Chania and then order a platter of kolokithokeftedes for a share as starters. Tamam actually means “just right”.

  1. Tomatokeftedes
Tomatokeftedes - Traditional Dishes Of Greece

Very similar to Kolokithokeftedes, using tomatoes instead of courgettes right as a core ingredient, tomato fritters are surely the tastiest when made with cherry tomatoes from Santorini. These are tiny fruits that are packed with a flavor very thank the island’s arid volcanic soil.

Where to try them

Right on Santorini, locals usually recommend homemade tomatokeftedes available at Penelope’s right next to the church on the hilltop Pyrgos. This informal eatery was opened back in 1999 and had served authentic home cooking since then.

  1. Fresh fish
Fresh fish
Fresh fish

Dating back to 1500BC, Minoan Frescoes right from Knossos on Crete usually depict fish and dolphins in detail. The people of Greece love consuming fish right from 11,000 years ago. There is a deep clean sea for exclusive fishes and Greece is famous for the excellent seafood. Fresh fish would surely smell like a sea with glittery eyes and red gills.

Where to try it

Michelin-starred Varoulko seaside in Piraeus, Athens is known to be Greece’s top seafood restaurant. There is the owner-chef Lefteris Lazarou which would serve exclusive seafood dishes at the tables which overlooks the fishing boats in Mikrolimano harbor. Try fresh sea bass or sea bream or grilled which is made with virgin olive oil and served with lemon slice.

  1. Moussaka
Moussaka - Traditional Dishes Of Greece

This exclusive favorite is spread far and wide beyond Greece and made with combined fried slice aubergines and is layered with minced meat sauce which is flavored with onion, cinnamon, and garlic and is topped with béchamel and grated cheese. This dish is oven-baked to perfection.

Where to try it

Now if you wish to try good old-fashioned moussaka, try choosing Klimataria in Athens. This exclusive kitchen has been serving hearty home-cooking right since 1927 and they also offer cookery classes, so try to master how to make moussaka.

However, if you wish to make a modern take on the dish, try to visit Santorini which is known for white aubergines. In Fira, this is an award-winning gourmet restaurant Koukoumavlos which makes a moussaka soufflé that combines Santorinian white aubergines which are smoked in beef carpaccio, paprika oil which is smoked, and tomato confit made with cranberries.

  1. Pastisada

A Corfiot specialty is of Venetian origin, palisade is a meat casserole which is made with beef and is slow-cooked with tomato, onion, garlic as well as olive oil plus spices which include cinnamon, cloves, allspice, cumin, paprika, nutmeg, black pepper, and bay leaf. This dish is served with thick tubular spaghetti.

Where to try it

In Corfu Town, just right off the Esplanade, there is the Rex restaurant which is run by the family and has been serving Corfiot specialties since the year 1932 as they served both mo share pastisada which is made with beef and kokoras pastisada which is made with a rooster. Or you can opt for Kato Korakiana in Corfu or Ettore Botrini’s Etrusco which will serve you smashing pastisada.

  1. Lamb Kleftiko

Lamb Kleftiko - Traditional Dishes Of Greece
Lamb Kleftiko

Arni Kleftiko means “stolen lamb” and this dish dates back right to the time of klephts. There are numerous variations of this dish but the dish is actually slow-cooked lamb which is seasoned with herbs and vegetables and is baked in grease-proof paper parcels or is effectively braised in an earthenware pot. There are some recipes which add a chunk of cheese also.

Where to try it

Ever since ancient times, Greeks have made sheep and goats as farm animals that can do well right on the poor pastures of the rugged mountains. Metsovo in the Pindos Mountains was said to be founded by Vlach shepherds.

  1. Greek salad
Greek salad
Greek salad

This ubiquitous side dish is combined with fresh tomatoes, cucumber along with purple onions with feta cheese, and black olives which are drizzled with olive oil and are sprinkled with oregano.

Where to try it

In Kardamyli, there is Lela’s Taverna makes a traditional horiatiki with the use of good local feta cheese and black olives available from nearby Kalamata. Try Funky Gourmet in Athens as their menu will include surprising horiatiki with white granite which have all the flavors of Greek salad.

  1. Bougatsa
Bougatsa - Traditional Dishes Of Greece

Bougatsa is filo pastry custard cream pie that is warm, sweet as well as sticky. Bougatsa in Thessaloniki is filled with kimas (minced meat) or tiri (cheese) or sweet krema (custard cream) which is sprinkled with icing sugar or cinnamon. This one is a delicious choice of breakfast serving it to bite–size pieced and serving it with coffee for breakfast.

Where to try it

Right in Thessaloniki try and head for favorite Bantis famous since 1969. Alternatively, try Giannis which is excellent food too opened till 3 am perfect for a late-night snack.

  1. Loukoumades

Last but not least is another sweet, sticky calorie-laden treat by the name of loukoumades which are bite-size deep-fried doughnuts that are traditionally served warm and are drizzled with honey and then dusted with cinnamon. There is a more modern version that sees them topped with deliciously melted chocolate with chopped walnuts and most importantly ice-cream.

Where to try them

Since the year 1926, Aigaion has been specializing in making loukoumades. These are made to order, and they need to fry up till one wait. You can eat them up at the Spartan tiled interior with beautiful marble-top tables or take them away in a little white cardboard box.

Well after reading the post, if your taste buds are salivating then it is high time to take a food tour to Greece and indulge in these delicious dishes.

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