5 best Meghalaya tourism places

This article would disclose some of the most beautiful Meghalaya tourism places that are must visit when you are planning for Meghalaya.

Meghalaya tourism places
(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)

5 best Meghalaya tourism places

Meghalaya, a north-east Indian stands for the abode of clouds, which means the place remains cloudy at most times of the year. Therefore it is considered as the wettest place within India as it holds the highest record of rain in one month. Almost 70 percent of the state is covered with forest and is famous for creating an ecosystem of birds, mammals and plants. It is a region where you can find the unique living root bridges. Meghalaya is a natural bounty that is considered the combination of natural and cultural along with human constructive ideas. This place can be explored at any time of the year and is enough to fulfil the thirst of every traveller. This article would disclose some of the most beautiful Meghalaya tourism places that are must visit when you are planning for Meghalaya.

The elephant falls

The elephant falls

The most interesting feature of Meghalaya is this Elephant falls located in Shillong. The falls has created itself on three pats, the first part is hidden within the green vegetation, the second part is flowing from the height and the third one or the biggest one is flowing right down into the base stream. The elephant shaped black rocks have been destroyed in an earthquake, but the beauty of the waterfall is still that majestic, the forth creating a white contrast with the dark rocks. The evening view is equally fantastic with the glowing water due to the fading glow of light.

Laitlum Canyon

Laitlum Canyon

This is a suitable place for the trek lovers and it should be included in your list of expeditions to experience the ultimate enchanting beauty of the place. The trek is worth the taking if you could manage to have a firm grasp and use right tools to explore the difficult terrain. However if you could complete the trekking of four to five hours and reach the top, then the panoramic sight of the region is unforgettable. The colourful hues of sunrise and the sunset are truly unmatched with any other views. If you feel weary with the trek then you could find the way to Lwai falls to overcome the tiredness.

Mawsmai cave

Mawsmai cave

The place seems a bit eerie for many travellers but if you are brave enough to explore the unknown and have adventures mind then definitely this cave would be worth your tour. The inside is dark with narrow and cramped paths that add up to the thrilling nature of the cave. The stalactite formations have made the place more thrilling. There is just one point from where you have to enter and exit both. You need to follow the advice to take of your shoes before entering. Before entering you could think twice but the journey is really safe and adventures.

Mawlynnong village

Mawlynnong village

It is regarded as one of the cleanest village within the continent of Asia. The surrounding is so clean that you cannot spot a piece of paper on the road. The village is famous for the most wonderful Mawlynnong waterfall that has made its way through the lush green forest and waving down the rocks to make clean waters at the base. The famous live root bridges could be spotted here that is the main attraction of the village. This village offers travellers with serene and humble environment and you could find yourself lost in the beauty of nature.

Double Decker Bridge in Cherapunjee

Double Decker Bridge in Cherapunjee

It should be confused with living root bridge of Mawlynnong living Root Bridge. This double Decker living Root Bridge is located in Cherapunjee, one of the rainiest places of the country. This bridge has been created by nature itself to form strong structures. But it is not that easy to cross the bridge as u have to go through a huge number of slippery steps to explore it. But yes you may have sooth your eyes by just watching the natural structures. But be sure to use water proof tight boots to enter the region as there are certain insects in the damp oriented region.

Other than these Meghalaya tourist places there are 3 national parks and 2 wildlife sanctuaries with natural habitats, many other panoramic waterfalls, caves and natural vegetation in Meghalaya that would make your journey more fulfilled and interesting.

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Meghalaya tourism places
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