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5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

5 Places to Visit in the UK: The Brits have embraced campervan holidays as a classic way to explore the wealth of treasures littered all across the British Isles. Britain has had a long and tumultuous history of wars, kingdoms, wealth and all these and more is evident with the number of ancient structures ranging from ruined walls, castles, stately mansions, and grandiose cathedrals.

Aside from the ancient structures, natural beauty cannot be neglected, the beautiful quintessential English countryside dotted with quaint villages and soaked up in history and culture offers relaxation and tranquility. Here are some of the best places to explore on a camper van tour of Great Britain.

1. London

Winter Fun in London

London is worth a stopover for a few days to explore its iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the Tower of London. It is also a place to visit museums and theatres to have a peek at English culture and history. You will also find spectacular locations for camping and to use as a base for your city camper van tour.

2. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds - 5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan
The Cotswolds

It is hard to miss the alluring Cotswolds on a campervan tour of the British Isles, it is an area recognized for its outstanding natural beauty. It is a place soaked up in history with its classic wool churches, stunning towns, pretty honey-colored villages, picturesque landscapes, and amazing camping locations make it an ideal camper van holiday destination. Whether you want to include activities such as walking, cycling, fishing, or trekking in your tour, the Cotswolds will more than meet your expectations.

3. West Coast Of Scotland

West Coast Of Scotland - 5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan
West Coast Of Scotland

The West Coast of Scotland boasts of an incredible dramatic coastline dotted with fine stretches of sand, pretty harbor ports, cities, villages, and exciting flora and fauna. It is also a destination endowed with towering Scottish highlands and stunning lochs. For those seeking to explore the Isles and the Hebrides, the West Coast of Scotland is an ideal base for your voyage expeditions. A campervan tour of the West Coast will lead you to amazing destinations and ‘legal’ camping in the wild will be a part of the thrilling experience.

4. Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales
Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is enchanting with its inspirational landscapes crisscrossed by streams, sprawled with lush hills and cascading waterfalls. It makes for a relaxed camper van tour exploring from the Tan Hill to Swaledale the limestone region and to the gentler serene landscapes of Grassington and Bolton Abbey.  There is something for everyone here; from historical sit and industrial relics to wildlife and scenic beauty.

5. Snowdonia

Snowdonia - 5 Places to Visit in the UK by Campervan

Snowdonia is an area of rich diversities, it is endowed with soaring mountains, glassy lakes, stunning beaches, steam railways, valleys, moorland, clifftop wildlife castles, and Celtic culture. There are also lush forests in Snowdonia that are ideal for camping especially if you want to connect with nature and enjoy stunning views. This region is ideal for cycling, trekking, exploring ancient castles, and wandering along the beaches in Anglesey.


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