5 Reasons to Fly to California

Reasons to Fly to California: A lot of people have had prior experiences in various parts of the globe, often as they visit from one country to another during vacations and holidays. This can be characterized by various phenomenon issues and other factors which may have an impact on their trip. As a result, people tend to assume that they have exhausted various scenarios in the world but this isn’t the case. Come to think of it, there is only one place in the United States, which blends all the old and the modern bringing into the board all facts which anyone planning for a trip will have to rethink his options.

California is a great city with a lot of spectacular and ever glowing memories for those who have been here before. Listening to a story about great scenes in the city plus all round of activities which you can do during your trip makes it stand out among other destinations.

Here are some of the most fascinating facts about California which will make you change your travel plan destinations.

1. Bodega Head, Bay;

Bodega Head
Bodega Head

Wonders will never end goes the saying, but California houses one of the most wonderful geographical scenes in the world. The dramatic cliff edges out along the coast with a gorgeous sidewalk for visitors to have a first-hand experience. Here you get to witness live whale swimming as you relax in the refreshing breeze along the coast on the beautiful sandy beach. The locals here are the most hospitable type guiding visitors through the breathtaking adventure, especially discovering the presence of whales on that particular day.

2. Point Reyes national seashore;

Point Reyes national seashore - 5 Reasons to Fly to California
Point Reyes national seashore

It extends approximately ten miles across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco. It has the most outstanding layering across the Atlantic. The various cliffs encompass the seashore placing it strategically across the map for various visitors to see. The exquisite staircases which help tourists to climb up and down to the tip of this geographical feature play an important role in escalating the number of visitors who flock at the Point Reyes national seashore.

3. Alexander Valley;

Alexander Valley - 5 Reasons to Fly to California
Alexander Valley

Making your trip worthwhile is the dream of every person and this valley makes this a dream come true. The valley is mostly covered by vine trees which cut across different hills giving the most amazing feeling for anyone exploring it Most visitors here both local and foreign prefer it due to its beauty and needless to say it remains one of the most economical regions to visit.

4. Napa Valley;

Napa Valley
Napa Valley

The valley receives tourists from all corners of the globe who frequent it to experience the most fulfilling time of their life. No one ever would want to miss out on this valley as it offers tourists everywhere the reason to come back again.

5. Armstrong redwood preserves;

Armstrong redwood preserves - 5 Reasons to Fly to California
Armstrong redwood preserves

Never enough to visit once, but with the park, there is always something compelling to come back. It’s ideally the most ideal place for any camping adventure, hikes, family walks, etc. The beauty of Mother Nature is quite splendid in this area Lava tube cave; nowhere else you can find the most fascinating caves other than California. Basically, it makes it possible even for teens to learn great things which they may have otherwise come across in school. Before planning for your trip, compliance with Esta is critical to make everything work out smoothly for you. Enjoy your adventure in California!

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