5 Unusual Tours in Majorca

5 Unusual Tours in Majorca

5 Unusual Tours in Majorca: Famous for its paradise of beaches, wild nightlife, and spirited atmosphere, Majorca is buzzing with things to see and do. One of Spain’s sublime Balearic islands, Majorca offers visitors a range of sights from its celebrated, mysterious ‘dragon caves’ to its beautiful, blue ocean. Whether it’s cheap Magaluf deals or luxury villas you want, there are plenty of accommodation options for all.

With so much to explore, what better way to see Majorca’s most stunning sights than in style. Here are five unusual tours that will take visitors on an unforgettable journey around this stunning location.

1. Thrilling Helicopter Tour

Thrilling Helicopter Tour - 5 Unusual Tours in Majorca
Thrilling Helicopter Tour

An exciting, adrenaline-pumping adventure, this tour will show visitors all Majorca has to offer with a view from up above. Situated in Palma de Mallorca, Sloane Helicopters Mallorca aims to give visitors an experience they will never forget. Those willing can climb into the cockpit, soar through the skies, and thrill in this amazing once-in-a-lifetime journey. Tourists will see Majorca’s beautiful beaches glittering in the sun on this fun-filled tour. The majestic Tramuntana Mountains will be viewed in their humbling glory, allowing visitors to soak up Mother Nature’s goodness like never before. Visitors can stop off in the peaks and enjoy a delicious picnic, surrounded by extreme beauty, or, if preferable, enjoy a fine dining experience at a restaurant of choice.

2. Wild Vespa Tour

Wild Vespa Tour - 5 Unusual Tours in Majorca
Wild Vespa Tour

A luxury tour around Majorca organized by the Bullimoto Vespa Tour Company captures the true Mediterranean spirit. Popular amongst the younger generation, Vespas are a primary form of transport in many south European destinations. This guided excursion will show visitors the beautiful sights of Majorca whilst providing a fun and unique experience that tourists are bound to remember forever. Those new to the vehicles need not fear; with quick lessons given, beginners will pick up the Vespa controls in no time at all. Easy to maneuver, this tour is guaranteed to be one of a kind!

3. Romantic Hot Air Balloon Tour

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Tour
Romantic Hot Air Balloon Tour

Travel around the island in style on this decadent hot air balloon tour. Overseen by IIIes Balears Ballooning, this tour provides the perfect way to travel. Situated in Cala Ratjada, visitors looking for a romantic trip around the island need look no further. Enjoy a glass of champagne aboard this tour and absorb the peaceful surroundings whilst admiring Majorca’s fascinating sights. Ideal for couples or those looking to impress, this tour is sure to score 10 out of 10 on the wow scale!

4. Fun-filled Scooter Tour

Fun-filled Scooter Tour - 5 Unusual Tours in Majorca
Fun-filled Scooter Tour

Led by Cooltra Scooter Day Tours, this experience is ideal for those looking for an unusual way to explore the island. Adventure addicts will find this tour right up their street as it is packed full of exciting thrills and crazy, high-speed adrenaline rushes. An exhilarating way to explore Majorca, visitors will be provided with all the assistance and help they require.

5. Sleek Sailing Tour

Sleek Sailing Tour
Sleek Sailing Tour

This private sailing tour around the island is great for those who are looking for a memorable way to see Majorca’s captivating sights. Located in the popular holiday resort of Cala D’or, this sailing tour will take visitors away from the crowds and into a private world of their own. Guests can enjoy a rich and lavish lifestyle, sipping fine wine and enjoying an exquisite lunch aboard the ship. Vita Bel company will ensure that visitors get to see everything and anything they desire, stopping upon request – whether that be pulling into shore to enjoy a bit of light shopping or dropping anchor at sea to enjoy a spontaneous snorkeling adventure.


These five tours provide fabulous and unusual ways to witness all that Majorca has to offer. From seeing the island from a birds-eye-view, aboard a romantic, hot-air balloon ride to enjoying an adrenaline-pumping Vespa tour, there is sure to be something to suit everyone. Visitors can simply take their pick and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime! A Guide to 5 Unusual Tours in Majorca

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