6 Pack Abs Myths

6 Pack Abs

Don’t Be Surprised By these 6 Pack Abs Myths

The desire to have a well-structured body makes people look for options that will help them build 6 pack abs. If you search the internet in this regard, the millions of results that pop up are not anywhere close to reality.

There are very few solutions that actually work and here, we talk about 10 wrong notions with regard to 6 pack abs:

6 pack abs demand heavy abdominal exercises

  1. As a matter of fact, the people who have a lot of fat around their stomach region need to exercise in such a way that the whole body gets exercise and thus the BMR of the body gets increased. Resorting to bodyweight exercises is the best option, as this greatly helps you in getting rid of abdominal fat. Merely exercising only for the abdomen does no good in this regard.
  2. A complete absence of muscles in the belly region.
    Some people are under the false notion that if they manage to get rid of the muscles in their stomachs, the 6 pack abs can be seen. The reality is that everybody has a well-structured abs region that is covered by muscles and merely doing crunches won’t help in losing the fat.
  3. Diet pills will get you 6 pack.
    Though such methods might prove helpful for a short period of time, they can cause a lot of damage to your body. Since they contain caffeine, your body becomes excessively dependent on these pills, and irregularities in health like deficiencies can be caused.
  4. For 6 pack abs, carbohydrates should be completely avoided one should note that carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body. To eradicate fat, you need to increase your BMR, by exercising more and that will happen only when you have enough energy. Avoiding processed food and taking in decent quantities of carbohydrates helps the body.
  1. For 6 pack abs, long hours of exercise is required
    Short periods of intense exercise are enough to make sure that you burn down fats effectively. As a matter of fact, this causes you to burn down fat hours after exercising too, without losing out on the muscle mass of your body.
  2. Intense exercise for hours together is required
    In case you decide to stick to a good diet and avoid all the junk, short periods of exercise can help you gain the 6 pack abs you have been looking for. Choosing an exercise that you enjoy doing, will make you reach your goal at the earliest.
  3. The use of steroids will help get 6 pack abs.
    The use of steroids is the worst thing a person can ever do, as it is harmful to the body and an artificial method of building body mass. Thus, to get 6 packs, there is no requirement of steroids.
  4. The products on TV seem to be effective and easy to use
    This is the worst thing in which a person who wants 6 pack abs can invest his money in. These are just business tactics that aim your wallet and are no good in the results they produce to help you gain 6 pack abs. Thus, it would be advisable to stay away from such gimmicks.
  5. Poor genetics prevent ‘6 packs dream’ of yours.
    Please understand the fact that genetics has got nothing to do with 6 packs. Everyone has 6 pack which are hidden below the muscles of the abdomen.
  6. Having a trainer monitor your daily exercising routine does the job

While it’s true that it’s great to have a personal trainer, more important is the fact that exercising under his supervision 5 times a week can help you get the 6 pack you have been looking for.

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