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6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

6 Things to Wear that Will Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

Packing sincerely and nicely is a winning approach for traveling, however, whilst you’re stuck up within the hustle and bustle of security lines and converting whether your day-of travel clothes want to be on par, too.

Don’t be the person struggling to undo a major knot in a shoelace, holding up the rest of the line. For security, you’ll want to have clothes you can slip in and out of quickly, safely and comfortably. You’ll face cool and hot temperatures, rain and other weather feats. Here are six things to wear that’ll keep your travel day running smoothly and confidently:

Tank Tops

Tank Tops- Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

Use the power of layering to your advantage. Tank tops are thin, easy to pack and layer nicely under a comfortable blouse, sweater or cardigan. Wear them casually with jeans or dress them up with some slacks or a skirt.

When standing, or sitting for hours, make the fabric closest to your skin the most comfortable. Wear a tank top. If it gets too hot or there’s a spill, the tank top is your last line of fashion and comfort defense while traveling.

The Slightly Baggy Sweater

The Slightly Baggy Sweater- Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

You know the kind — the most comfortable sweater on the face of the Earth, with sleeves that barely slip past your wrists and graze your hips. This sweater is just baggy enough to leave breathing room without making you feel like you’re wearing a potato sack — Pull it on and go.

It also layers well and can be tied around your waist when it gets too hot. When you need a soft place to lay your head, your sweater becomes a pillow. You’re literally wearing a blanket. Avoid scratchy sweaters, and choose classic, comfortable slightly baggy sweaters to make your travel day a cozy one.

This sweater also has other incarnations. You can also substitute a cozy cardigan in place of the slightly baggy sweater. Bonus points if it has pockets.

Bottoms with Pockets

Bottoms with Pockets- Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

Pockets are a lifesaver when traveling, especially hidden ones that make you feel like a secret agent. Don’t mention that in the security line, because you never know if they’ll take that joke seriously or not. Choose bottoms with pockets for easy access to items and more storage.

Will the weather follow a certain pattern? Do you have to go right to a meeting after the plane lands? Take such things into consideration when you choose your bottoms. A cotton skirt, slip-on slacks or comfortable jeans may be your go-to preference. Just make sure they have deep pockets.

Long Scarf

Long Scarf- Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

A long lightweight scarf in a comfortable natural fiber serves to keep you warm. In pinch, you’re able to switch it out, and convert your scarf into a lightweight cardigan or wrap in a mild, yet cool climate. If it rains, wrap it around your hair to protect its style.

A scarf is versatile in subtle temperature changes that still leave you shivering or sweating. Don’t underestimate the practical power of accessorizing.

Small Tote/Purse + Contents

Small-Tote-Purse - Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

Pick out a small side purse, tote or bag for your quick-access items. It should have a hidden interior pocket you can easily access your ID or passport, yet not easily detectable for thieves. In this tote, you’ll also want to store contents that make your travel day more smooth, such as :

  • Electronics and their chargers, like your smartphone and battery pack
  • Sunglasses and a travel umbrella
  • A book
  • Small first aid kit, wipes, gum or other life-saver items

 Shoes, Laces and Sock Strategies

Shoes Laces and Sock Strategies - Keep Your Travel Day Running Smoothly

This is probably the most important category for what to wear on your travel day because you’re going to be doing a ton of walking. Wear comfortable, moisture-wicking socks. Choose shoes that can take the mileage you put them through, and the best ones are going to be those easily slipped on and off.

Flats and other slip off shoes are great, but there are also ways you can lace your shoes to make them easier to slip on and off. This is especially important at airport security check lines. Here’s an example: Whether you’re wearing tennis shoes or business shoes, one low-tension way to tie your shoes is with bar lacing. This style threads the lace horizontally through the holes, making your shoe look like a ladder to be climbed, but it’s wonderful for feet that have a tendency to swell.

Make your travel day no sweat by choosing comfortable clothes with versatile and practical usages. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Layering a tank top under a stylish cardigan or scarf will get you through many types of weather, and the scarf is a multipurpose accessory to shield you from changing weather and temperature. Grab bottoms with pockets and a pair of slip-on shoes.

Don’t forget the perfect tote to store your ID and passport for easy and secure access, while storing other life-saving content. When you’re worried about getting to your destination on time, don’t let your travel clothing choice be another obstacle.

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