Ways To Detoxify Your Body

8 Ways To Detoxify Your Body

Did you know that your body has to bear a toxin overload because of exposure to all sorts of toxins from food, water, and the environment? Unless you detoxify your body on regular basis, cancer-causing chemicals, such as preservatives, pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals, can accumulate in your cells and tissues, posing a huge threat to your metabolic, reproductive, and mental health. But there are ways to remove toxins from the body that cause a sluggish or bloated feeling.

With detoxification, you can prepare your body to stay healthy. It can help you

  • avoid toxic overload
  • boost energy
  • reduce inflammation
  • cleanse the liver
  • support digestion
  • promote skin health
  • nourish the body
  • prevent disease

How to get started with the detoxification revolution? This is the most frequent question that confronts you when you plan to detoxify your body. The options are many, but the best option is to start with detox drinks. Remove toxins from the body with the following tips.

1: Substitute One Meal With A Detoxifying Smoothie

If you are keen to start with a liver cleansing regimen, you may want to replace one meal with a detox smoothie. When you think of detoxification drinks, you may feel there is some sort of special formula that goes into the making of liver cleansing drinks. But there is no rocket science needed to make detox drinks at home to eliminate toxins and keep your body in an optimal condition. Many fruits, herbs, and vegetables can go into a detoxification drink and support your liver cleansing mission.

Here’s one nutritious detox smoothie recipe:

1 cup kale

one banana

1 apple chopped

1/2 cup parsley leaves

Blend all and enjoy a nutritious detox drink that will help reduce the toxin overload and enable your lover to function at its optimal best.

2: Get Intense Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

Think of massage benefits and you might be surprised to find that a soothing massage provides many therapeutic benefits, including detoxification. Massage is one of the best ways of pampering yourself. In order to maximize massage benefits for detoxification, the strokes should be maneuvered to stimulate muscles and get deep into the tissue. When pressure points or spots where toxins accumulate are pressed, it helps in natural detoxification and cleansing the body of toxins and stress that have been making you feel sick.

3: Drink Loads of Water

Are you drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated? If there is one thing you should start immediately as part of your detox program, it is drinking enough water to naturally cleanse your kidneys. By increasing your water consumption, you can eliminate toxins from your body system. With increased water intake, you can flush out toxins, get clear skin, boost the efficiency of your respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.

4: Go for Green Tea

Green Tea

You crave caffeine, and a cup of coffee would suffice. When it comes to including caffeine in your diet, you should focus on the amount. How much is too much for your body? If you are on a detox mission, less is more, so a periodic cup of coffee is all you need. Instead, you may want to replace coffee with antioxidant-rich green tea. If you choose to pick green tea as your morning time beverage over a cup of coffee, you still get a caffeine boost in addition to some health benefits, including detoxification.

5: Eat More Fiber

Eat More Fiber

By including dietary fiber in your meals, you are taking a step toward a healthy you. Of course, there is more to fiber than a healthy gut and digestive system. As part of a healthy diet, dietary fiber is a weight loss aid. Not only this, it helps eliminate toxins and cleanse the body naturally. When toxins are eliminated from the liver, they are excreted in the intestines from where they are passed out in the stool.  However, sometimes we tend to reabsorb these toxins. But there isn’t much to worry about, especially if you are on a fiber-rich diet. The fiber binds to the toxin in your intestines and is removed from the body. This makes dietary fiber an integral part of your detox diet.

6: Color Your Platter

Cabbage, broccoli, carrots, Brussel sprouts, and all colorful vegetables are great sources of nutrients. Besides, these can be used in different detox recipes to derive their full benefits. For example, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables increase glutathione in the liver, which has liver detoxifying enzymes and helps toxin transformation into a form for easy elimination from the body.

7: Include More Fruits

Watermelon, raspberries, grapefruit, strawberries, mint are some fruits that can help meet your detox goals. For example, rosemary acts as a fantastic detoxifier that improves bile flow and aids in detoxification. Additionally, it helps improve the functioning of the gallbladder while boosting nutrient absorption, balancing out the microflora, and preventing toxic overload.

8: Apple Cider Vinegar Detoxification Therapy

You have heard a lot about apple cider vinegar’s benefits. But how does it help with detoxification? Since it comprises a good amount of probiotics and gut-friendly enzymes, apple cider vinegar helps improve metabolism, balance pH, and promote weight loss. You may choose to add apple cider vinegar to different detox drinks that can help with liver and kidney cleansing.

Here’s one such detoxification drink with apple cider vinegar:


1 cup of hot water

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp ginger

¼ tsp cinnamon powder

1 tsp honey (optional)

Mix all the ingredients for a perfect detox drink recipe. Enjoy warm for better cleansing and fat loss.

Eat a balanced diet rich in foods to keep your digestive tract healthy and prepared for the battle against toxins. A good diet, which includes proteins, fruits, vegetables, minerals, healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbohydrates, can help build a strong body.

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