Activities To Enjoy In Zambia

Activities To Enjoy In Zambia

Activities To Enjoy In Zambia: Zambia is a country that has several sites that will be of great interest to international visitors, and its history as a former British colony means that many people in the country do speak English.  The country itself is landlocked with much of the territory being a high plain, with several large rivers flowing through the country, making for some stunning landscapes.  The natural resources in Zambia have been used to help drive the country’s political stability over recent years, with copper exports helping to develop the growth in the country’s economy.

Visit The Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is probably the most iconic image of Zambia that visitors will be familiar with even before they visit the country, and this is a particularly popular place to visit during the rainy season when the falls thunder in full force.  The falls themselves are considered to be the largest in the world, with the water falling over a hundred meters over the cliffs that are over a mile wide, making for a truly remarkable sight.  In the rainy season, the water pouring over the waterfalls produces clouds of spray that can be seen over thirty miles away and is a stunning sight.

The ‘Devil’s Pool’ is an interesting phenomenon at the top of the falls, with a rock face and low currents making it possible for visitors to swim in this natural pool at the top of the falls only a few feet away from the edge.  The falls are also a popular visitor attraction on clear nights, where the spray is caught in the moonlight, making a ‘moonbow’.

Take A Safari In South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park - Activities To Enjoy In Zambia
South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa National Park is to be found in the east of Zambia and is a great place to visit because of the variety of animal species that are resident in the area.  As with many safari trips, seeing big game animals is one of the main attractions, and with a population of hippos, lions, elephants, and buffalo, it offers a great spectacle, especially with the pods of hippos and large herds of buffalo providing a particularly majestic spectacle.  The Mfuwe Lodge is a very interesting place to stay, as its proximity to a wild mango tree brings a herd of elephants to the site to enjoy the mangoes.

Ride The Royal Livingstone Express

Royal Livingstone Express
Royal Livingstone Express

As a former British colony, Zambia has a railway network that can be used for passenger trains, although the majority of the traffic on the lines is freight.  The Royal Livingstone Express is one of the most impressive trains in Africa, offering a luxury dining experience while carrying visitors through some beautiful surroundings behind one of the line’s steam engines.  One of the best trips offered in these immaculately restored trains is a trip up to the Victoria Falls bridge, which offers a remarkable view of the falls from the old fashioned luxury of the carriages.

Go Shopping In Lusaka

Shopping In Lusaka - Activities To Enjoy In Zambia
Shopping In Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia and the economic driving force in the country, and it is also a great place to go shopping for just about anything you would want.  While there are two western-style malls available, it is in the markets of the city where you will find the most interesting goods.  The Soweto Market and the Lusaka City Market are largely for the locals rather than visitors, selling everyday essentials, while the Dutch Reformed Church Market and the Kabwata Cultural Village are great places for those looking for souvenirs or African art.

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