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Adventure Activities to do in India

Adventure Activities to do in India

Adventure Activities to do in India

Adventure Activities to do in India

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in India

Adventure Activities to do in India

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in India

Adventure Activities to do in India: India, a country quite famously known for its incredible culture, exotic cuisine, and as an emerging global giant and also offers many immense opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. The natural landscapes and scenic beauty of India are enough to mesmerize any adventure lover.

The varied audacious landscapes attract all adventure seekers across the globe to experience the unadulterated thrill in India. Here are some exhilarating Indian travel destinations where you can unleash your most daring side while having a lot of fun:

1. Heli-Skiing in Manali

Heli Skiing - Adventure Activities to do in India
Heli Skiing

Heli-Skiing is one of the most sought-after adventure sports in India, especially during the summers and early winter up in the Himalayas. Heli-skiing is also very famously known as Heli Boarding and it makes Manali a highly rated adventure destination in the Kullu region.  Dropped by a helicopter at an altitude of 6500 meters over snow-capped mountains, it is not for the faint-hearted. The travel down the steep slopes and smooth terrain is bound to give you a thrill and adrenaline rush while being blessed by the serene views of snow-clad peaks. Accompanied by a ski instructor even the novice can learn to ski in these ski trails which are filled with powdery snow.  The well-known heli-skiing slopes are Rohtang Pass, Hanuman Tibba, Chanderkhani Pass, and Deo Tibba near Manali which come alive during the skiing season.

2. Rafting in Rishikesh

Rafting - Adventure Activities to do in India

Rishikesh, a holy city for Hindus across the world and also is a paradise for rafting lovers as it is considered the white water rafting capital of India. Every adventure seeker lands in Rishikesh to find solitude and peace and also to enjoy the thrills and frills of rafting. The rafting grades vary from 2-4 and occasionally hits 5 during peak monsoon. The splashes of river Ganges are very welcoming with the daring rapids all along the mighty river. You do not have to be a swimmer to do rafting and you can enjoy the adventurous sport of rafting with trained rafting professionals who take care of all safety measures.

3. Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan

Hot air ballooning

Hot air Ballooning is an upcoming adventure activity that is fast becoming a trend across India. The most popular place where the fun and thrills of hot air ballooning can be enjoyed in the vast and expansive deserts of Rajasthan. The mighty flight for the unique experience starts off near the Pink City of Jaipur after which it heads towards the holy city of Pushkar, and finally touches down at the amazing Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. Watching the spectacular Camel Fair at Pushkar and the National Park from the skies is a truly splendid experience.

4. Camel Safari in Ladakh

Camel Safari - Adventure Activities to do in India
Camel Safari

Camel safari is traditionally associated with the hot deserts of Rajasthan, but this dream ride now has a completely new destination in Ladakh. The cold deserts of Ladakh have now started sporting adventure rides on a camel for its adventure lovers. Camel safari on double hump camels has been a trend amongst adventure riders. The best time to explore the desert tracks of Ladakh is between July and September. A camel ride in Ladakh is one of the most memorable experiences to be cherished and is available during the months from July to September. The climate during this season is warm and the adventure seekers can find clear routes for paragliding and other adventures. Some of the famous centers for camel safari are Deskit, Hunder, and Nubra Valley. During this safari, you get to watch as well as relish the spectacular scenes of the Ladakhi villages and Buddhist monasteries.

5. Snorkeling with an Elephant in Andaman

Snorkeling with an Elephant
Snorkeling with an Elephant

Snorkeling is a fun experience and can only turn better when snorkeling in the spectacular waters of Andaman. Here in the deep blue sea you can explore tropical coral reefs and play with colorful fish.  But the best part here is to go snorkeling with mighty Rajan, the famous swimming elephant. Snorkeling with an elephant might sound scary but it really isn’t and if you love adventure, you shouldn’t miss out on this.  Snorkeling with Rajan, the swimming elephant in the Havelock Islands of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is bound to give you a memorable experience. This beautiful tusker gives you company while you snorkel and explore the exotic aquatic life.

6. Trekking and Mountaineering

Trekking and Mountaineering - Adventure Activities to do in India
Trekking and Mountaineering

For some challenging adventure with adrenaline-rushing experiences, trekking and mountaineering are some of the best adventure activities to indulge in. The majestic mountain hills of the North East, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttaranchal, and Himachal all have immense opportunities and sturdy treks for adventure lovers. The thrilling experience of mountaineering in these spectacular terrains is unmatchable.

Moreover, the feeling of reaching the top of the mountain is a great feeling. But one needs a lot of stamina and energy to overcome the hurdles in these treks. The Chadar trek is full of snow-bound villages and treks located in Zanskar valley along the frozen river of Zanskar and Tsarap. All the adventure treks go along the Tsarap River moving along regions of Nyerag, Zanskar, and Lingshed, and offer a truly magical experience.

7. Caving in Meghalaya

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya

One of the northeastern states of India, Meghalaya has numerous caving opportunities where you can experience adventure. The caves are gifted naturally with some awe-inspiring formations. Most of the caving destinations are safe to travel to, well mapped, and are quite easily accessible too. Some of the longest as well as the deepest caves of South Asia are situated in the state of Meghalaya. The stalagmite and stalactite formations within these caves are worth seeing as they are completely natural formations.

8. Dune Bashing in Rajasthan

Dune Bashing in Rajasthan - Adventure Activities to do in India
Dune Bashing in Rajasthan

Dune Bashing is one of the most splendid adventure sports in Rajasthan. Dune bashing is a completely off-road sport. All the riders travel on their off-road vehicles exploring various sand dunes sparred in the desert land. The most popular dune bashing site in India is Rajasthan as it has a large and wide area for sand dune bashing spread across miles. Along with the cultural and colorful atmosphere of Rajasthan, this is worth enjoying as an adventure traveler.

9. Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is supposed to be a part of Project Tiger. The spectacular flora and fauna of the National Park are very charming and the grandeur of the Tiger reserve makes it an ideal travel destination for adventure seekers. There are exclusive wild safaris that are arranged in Corbett National Park which include either Elephant safaris or Jeep rides in the jungle.  Wildlife photographers can get some good shots of varied species venturing in the park-like the sloth bear, wild boar, leopard, deer, the marsh mugger crocodiles, and more than 450 species of birds. Don’t forget to pose for a picture with the Royal Bengal Tiger which can be easily spotted during the jungle safari.

10. Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Mountain Biking in Ladakh
Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Mountain biking in Ladakh is very challenging and is a very physically demanding adventure sport to indulge in. While cycling through the Himalayan tracks you get to interact with local people and culture. The mountain biking tour starts in the Manali mountains and then covers various places like  Zing Zang Bar,  Pang,  Jispa,  Rumtse,  and finally ends up in Leh in almost 15 days and is a spine-chilling experience. The whole biking adventure in the Indian Himalayan region is blessed with incredible views of the Himalayas and dotted with trees all around, some of the popular tour routes are the Khardung La trip to Leh,  Leh to Manali,  Leh to Nubra, etc.


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