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Airbnb Hosting Guide

Airbnb Hosting Guide

Airbnb Hosting Guide

Having an empty apartment or an extra room can be useful, but most of the time it’s a waste of money. Someone has to clean it and pay the bills, and all that simply falls into your lap at the end of the day. Luckily, there are websites like Airbnb that can help you put your extra room or an apartment to good use and earn some money. However, hosting on Airbnb will require some renovating and planning. Here are the most essential things you need to know before listing.

Familiarize Yourself With The Laws

Airbnb does not keep track of the laws on running a bed and breakfast, that’s why you need to do your own research in order to familiarize yourself with the laws. Many people neglect this part, accidentally or on purpose, but this is one of the essentials. Some countries may require meeting certain standards for such a business or they involve taxes. So, in order to avoid fines that can be pretty steep, you should do your homework and thoroughly inspect all the local laws and do everything according to them.

Define An Ideal Type Of Guest

Define An Ideal Type Of Guest

There are many different types of people that might sign up for your listing. In order to avoid any inconveniences, you should determine your ideal guests. Backpackers looking for adventure are quite different from quiet business travelers who will need a peaceful place to rest. Make sure to narrow down the list of potential visitors, which will help you adjust your place accordingly. For example, if you plan on hosting business travelers, you should make sure to have the Internet, cable TV, and even a smaller printer.

Set Up The Mood And Décor

Firstly, make sure that everything is functioning properly. Check the kitchen and make sure that the plumbing and all the fixtures are flawless. Also, you should consider small bathroom renovations because your guests will prefer having a functional and comfortable place for their daily needs and grooming. Next, inspect the installations and see if all the lighting fixtures and outlets are functional. Secondly, you should give your place a fresh coat of paint. Neutral wall colors are probably the best option because you can easily combine the furniture and other accessories you plan on placing. You can provide some character by using textures and patterns to make the place more interesting. Lastly, make sure to set up a pleasant mood. If it tends to get hot during the summer, you should find an efficient way to cool down the room and keep the atmosphere pleasant. Also, depending on your guests’ preferences, you can set the mood with dimmed lights, scented candles, and soft fabrics around the room.

Make An Interesting Listing

Now that the place is ready, it’s time to create a listing. One of the most important elements is the eye-catching headline. Make sure that the headline is enticing and informative and the demand for your place will be high. Also, when describing your place, you should be honest and try to incorporate all the important details which could be inviting to your guests. List everything that your apartment or room has available and provide some high-quality photos because the potential guests will want to see the place before renting.

Set A Fair Price

Last but not least, you should set a fair price. Be rational and don’t overestimate your place and you are bound to earn some money. You can also compare several different rentals in your environment and ask around which price is too high or too low. What is more, you can check out some hotel charges in your vicinity and figure out the right price for your rental to be competitive.

Listing your apartment or a room on websites such as Airbnb requires some work, but it pays off. Just keep in mind that your place has to be clean, nicely decorated and well-equipped and you will have no problems with renting it to some great guests.


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