Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Market: Traditional Amsterdam Street Market

The Albert Cuyp is the most traditional street market and more popular in Amsterdam. It started operating in 1904 and currently has more than 300 stalls that occupy both sides of Albert Cuypstraat in the De Pijp neighborhood. Despite being very frequented by tourists, the Dutch also go a lot to the Albert Cuyp Market to do some shopping at the stalls that have more affordable prices than other stores around the city.

How to get to Albert Cuyp Market?

The Albert Cuyp Market is located along the Albert Cuypstraat in the southern part of Amsterdam and the easiest way to get there is to take a tram (tram). It can be accessed by trams 16 or 24 getting off at the Albert Cuypstraat stop or by tram 4 getting off at the Stadhouderskade stop. A tip is to combine the tour of the Albert Cuyp Market with the Heineken Experience as the distance between the two is only two blocks. See here our post showing how to use public transport in Amsterdam.

About The Market

The Albert Cuyp Market is a typical street market like those found around the world. Everything from fruits, vegetables, and fish to clothes, cosmetics, and household items is sold on-site. It is an infinity of things scattered along with the 300 stalls that occupy the street.

It is not surprising that the Dutch frequent this street market a lot. You can find glasses frames for 10 euros, clothes for 5 euros, and several traditional items from the Dutch table, among them several types of cheese and stroopwafel, which is a typical Dutch sweet made from two thin layers of biscuit joined by a caramel sauce.

If you want to have additional experience, it is worth having lunch there. Generally, the stores behind the fishmongers have several options of fresh fish that are freshly prepared, taken from the stand in front of the establishment. We tasted a fish from the Vishandel Albert Cuyp and it was very worth it, in addition to being a more affordable option than in other places in Amsterdam.

Albert Cuyp is certainly a great attraction in Amsterdam and worth it if you want to have more local experience. It is worth combining this tour with the route through the Museumplein region and also with the Heineken Experience.

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