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Albus Hotel

Albus Hotel

Albus Hotel

Albus Hotel

Albus Hotel

Albus Hotel: Accommodation Option in Amsterdam

During our trip to Amsterdam, we stayed at the Albus Hotel which is located in the central part of the city. We had the opportunity to spend two nights in this hotel during the month of January 2019 and below you will find our impressions that could not be better.

Albus Hotel

The city center of Amsterdam is not very large and the hotels in this region are well located, as is the Albus Hotel on Vijzelstraat 49. However, one of the advantages of the Albus Hotel is that it is close to the Amstel River which makes access to the historic city center ( Dam Square, Royal Palace, De Nieuwe Kerk, Oude Kerk ) or the Museumplein region ( Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark) is done quickly, walking or taking the tram. For those who want to walk, in 10 minutes you will be at the attractions mentioned above. If you prefer to take a tram (tram), the street of Albus Hotel is served by trams (trams) 16 and 24 (Keizersgracht stop). See here our post showing how to use public transport in Amsterdam.

Albus Hotel

The Albus Hotel is considered a design hotel, that is, all its decoration, furniture, and objects have a different design designed to please guests and create a unique atmosphere. This concept of design hotel is already widespread in big cities and the Albus Hotel fits this style perfectly, from the reception to the room.

  • Reception
  • Hall
  • Fireplace

We stayed in a room with a double bed. In addition to the distinctive design, the room is spacious, very clean, has new furniture, and has a closet to store your clothes. Inside the closet, there is also a safe for your documents and other most valuable belongings. Like the bedroom, the bathroom at the Albus Hotel is very clean, spacious, and has a good shower. The wi-fi worked well in the room we stayed in and at the reception and we had no problem connecting and using the internet.

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The service was also very good during our stay. The people who welcomed us were very attentive and gave us additional tips about Amsterdam. During our breakfast we also met a woman who was one of the people in charge of attending guests and, as she was Portuguese, we were able to speak a little of our language while having breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, it is served in a restaurant inside the Albus Hotel which is called Senses Restaurant. In addition to the breakfast served to guests, it is open during the day serving lunch and at night it turns into a restaurant bar. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to try it, but the environments are quite pleasant.


Regarding the breakfast menu, we also think that this is a positive point of the Albus Hotel. There are some hot food options like eggs, bacon, sausages and etc. You also find bread, fruit, and even salad options. At the buffet, there are only water and orange juice options to drink, but people who work for breakfast ask you if you want a hot drink like coffee, tea, cappuccino, or chocolate.

The price of the Albus Hotel varies according to the time of year and the best way is to consult the prices to see the daily rates according to the dates you will be visiting the city. We love to stay at the Albus Hotel and recommend this option during your trip to Amsterdam, especially if you are looking for a good breakfast and a well-located hotel with a different design.

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