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Ambedkar Park

Ambedkar Park

Ambedkar Park

Commonly referred to as Noida Park, the spectacular public works project will end with a final cost of Rs 650 crore. More than 25,000 stone carvers and masons and several hundred statue makers were called upon to complete the park, which is divided into three parts; the Column Plaza, the Central Park Plaza, and the Ambedkar Plaza separated by two water fountains. Visitors of the Column Plaza will find several 300ft high pillars crowned by four-headed elephants and another iron pillar-like structure in the center, complete with a chakra and four elephants. The Ambedkar Plaza houses a total of 12 Dholpur and Mirzapur stone statues, all brought from Lucknow. One statue is of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, and the others of Gautam Buddha, B R Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram, the latter two persons being memorialized by the park. And still the grander Central Plaza is finished with a dome that has three more life-size statues of the Chief Minister, Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram. The nearly 3 year-long construction project of Noida’s newest park is nearing an end. On October 14th, Ambedkar Park will be inaugurated by the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati during a scheduled visit to the city. After the inauguration ceremony ends, the public will be welcomed into the park which spans more than 33 hectares.

Noida Park

Ambedkar Park’s opening brings a close to the massive improvement project which began in January 2009. India’s Supreme Court ordered 75% of the land devoted to the park to be green covered with the remaining 25% allowable constructed space. Nearly 7500 trees and 150,000 shrubs in 75 different varieties have been planted in addition to two green lawns covered with flowering plants near the Central Park Plaza.

Ambedkar Park (Noida Park) will be open daily. An entry fee will be charged.


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