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American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance – Reviews, Plans & Credit Card

American Express Travel

If you have planned to travel abroad for fun, business or due to some other reason it is quite possible that there is some problem that you face there like accidents, lost your money, lost your passport, and many more. But there is something for you the AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL insurance there are several different plans for every kind of people doesn’t matter you are a student, a business person, or travelling with family.

American Express Travel Insurance:-

  • If your age is 35 then your trip costs 2500$ and your insurance cost up to 250$ for a week trip.

Basic Plan-

The small plan is affordable for everyone. It covers only a few types of things i.e, trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage protection. As in China coronavirus is spreading if any due to some reason there is any medical emergency then you get your money back and if you are stuck there then full responsibility is on AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL to evacuate you out.

Silver Plan-

This plan is a little bit costly. It is about 2 times more than the basic plan and also gets a facility like silver. There you get 100% of the money back due to any failure in the trip. There is also coverage of delays in the trip. The medical facilities are better than basic plans.

Gold Plans-

The price is extremely high but you get almost every type of protection from the starting of the trip up to the ending of the trip. If you get any difficulty and there is coverage of 100% medical, flight delay, trip interruption.

American Express Travel Insurance Review:

American Express Travel

There are both pros and cons of travel insurance and the experiences and the services of the company. AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL has been providing services for 150 years. If you purchase a premium plan. Then you get premium service but the customer service is just in a simple click call them to tell them your problem and they solve the problem in a few minutes. This agency is the first travelling and insurance in the world. But there are no services for cars, scooters, etc.

Credit Cards:-


The minimum age for applying is 18 years. If you are a serviceman then your annual income is at least 6 lacs. And if you are a businessman then your annual income must be 6 lacs and your business age is at least 12 months. Also, you have to open an account only for your country’s banks.

Reward system:- 

There is some reward system in AMERICAN. Express Travelcards. You can easily convert The reward statement is real cash. Basically from its name American Express travel card so if you use them for travelling purpose then you got the world-class facility. You can redeem your vouchers and deals for up to 3 years. There you get 1 reward point on the spending of 0.714$. But there is no reward point on petrol, utility bills, insurance. There is a 100% reward point cashback when you spend 71.4$ in just one month.

The value of the travel voucher is 57.14$. When you spend 27142.85$ in one year then you get 107.14$ bonus and the value of this is 85.714$ and the 0.714$ per spending so you will get a total value of 110$. When you spend 5714.28$ in one year then you get a bonus of 142.85$ and its value is the same there you get a 100% reward bonus and also give you 51.42$ whose value is 25.714$. And also you got a voucher worth 142.85$ of TAJ HOTEL for free. It means 5714.28$ per year spending gives you a reward point of 471.42$. As you look upon the reward rate it’s about 7.8% and this is high if you compare it to any cards in the world.


Like I am Indian. So if I have a premium credit card of AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL then they give 4 domestic lounge access for free. But after then you will have to pay. International lounge access charges are 32$ per access. On filling up to 200$ petrol and diesel on HPCL petrol pumps then there are no convenient charges. You can take up to 2 extra cards. If you lost your card during the international trip then just call AMEX care then your responsibility is over if after someone transacts money. Then it’s not your headache. They will provide you with a new card globally in just 2 days. The Reward system rate is 7.8% that is very high as compared to every company.

Renewal Charges:-

AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL cards are very popular all over the world. The customer service is great. It’s 24/7 customer care support almost every type of thing got covered in insurance. Now, how much do they charge when you forgot to pay? So the finance rate is 3.35% interest and also 3.571$ in advance and 71.428$ over-limit charges you have to pay that is quite higher. When your Platinum card is over on the international trip then you have to pay 3.35% + G.S.T.


There are more positive facts about AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL. There is almost every type of facility starting from good plans to premium plans but you get premium customer support in basic plans. So if you are thinking of buying credit cards, medical insurance, travel insurance then go for it.

If you are a traveller then this deal is good for you. Only those people who visit abroad almost every week must have to buy the card and insurance of AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL. Because no one knows when the bad things attack them and you are stuck in another country forever.

The cards of AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL are expensive but they are worth it because if you lose one card you can get another card by fast delivery just on a single call and 100% security guaranteed. But the money doesn’t matter if you are not alive. So buying AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL cards and insurance is a good deal.


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