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Anjuna Beach Tour

Anjuna Beach Tour

Anjuna Beach Tour

Where is Anjuna?

The small village of Anjuna is located in the state of Goa in India. The beach is beautifully positioned on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Anjuna Beach lies at a distance of 18 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa.

How will you gain access?

Dabolim (47 km) is the closest airport from Anjuna. The airport is 29 km away from Panaji. Karmali (29 km) is the closest railway station. There are regular bus services from Mapusa (8 km) to Anjuna. There are frequent bus services to Panaji as well. One can also hire a motorcycle or a taxi from Mapusa to reach Anjuna.

What are the beach sports in the store? What magnetizes people?

Albuquerque Mansion

Albuquerque Mansion

One of the major attractions at Anjuna is the magnificent Albuquerque Mansion. Built-in 1920, the mansion bears octagonal towers and an exquisite Mangalore tile-roof.

Mascarenhas Mansion

Mascarenhas Mansion

The Mascarenhas Mansion is yet another attraction for the visitors and holidaymakers. The rich and classic balconies attract everyone’s attention. The L-shaped seat at the porch is made of expensive wood. One will also witness some beautiful stained glass floral etchings.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort in Goa

The Chapora Fort is reminded of one of the traditions and the ancient civilizations of the place. The fort lets you have a splendid view of the beach. Though in ruins, the fort wears a good look and is worth watching. It was a possession of the Muslim rulers before falling into the hands of the Portuguese.

Acid House Party

The Acid House or the Full Moon Party is one major attraction for the tourists. The parties are held for and by the young tourists. Dance, frolic, and merrymaking of the trance party continue all night long.

Wednesday Flea Market

Wednesday Flea Market

The Wednesday Flea Market is held every Wednesday at 11 a.m., turning Anjuna into a riot of colors. The market is a perfect destination for shopping lovers. One can find here items like trinkets, handicrafts, European snacks, imitation jewelry, etc.

Adventures-lovers need not worry as there are ample options for them to enjoy. There are water sports like parasailing, yachting, windsurfing, deep-sea diving, etc. The Anjuna beach makes an idyllic spot for windsurfing. Struggling against the tempo of the wind and water while moving at 30-40 mph, can give a tough time to the adventurers. Parasailing at the Anjuna beach is a whole lot of fun. Swimming can also be done as the water is safe here.

Which are the nearby hotels?

Anjuna Beach Resort

The Anjuna Beach Resort (near the bus-stop) offers facilities like room service, air-conditioned rooms, email, doctor on call, money changer, restaurant, safe deposit, telephone, bike rental, etc. There are a number of guesthouses as well to suit the different needs of the visitors. Houses can also be hired.

What is the best time?

The best time to visit the Anjuna beach is between the months of October and February.


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