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Assam Tourists Places

Assam Tourists Places

Assam Tourists Places

Assam Tourists Places

Assam Tourists Places

Assam Tourists Places

Oceans of experience – Assam Tourists Places

The most alluring states of India, Assam is the gateway of seven sisters. Assam tourists Places provide so much to its visitors, deep rotted with the lovely Brahmaputra River, stunning hill includes flora and fauna and wildlife, are the glowing sites in the tourism world. Assam is naturally gifted with fertile plans, lush green meadows and stunning hills, the Blue Mountains and some alluring tea plantations, which attracts so many visitors every year. Many festivals such as Ambubachi, Rongali Bihu, and Rass festival are well celebrated by its people and visitors. Summertime is the refreshing period for the visitors with the pleasant temperature a perfect time to explore sites like Kaziranga National Park, Jatinga, Jorhat, Sivasagar, Majuli, Tinsukia and many more. Moreover, you can visit there according to season preference of seasons like winters and monsoon.

Here are some wonderful locations to unfold at Assam tourists places;


Located on the bank of Brahmaputra River, Guwahati the treasure of charms, stunning hills is one of the famous sites for tourists. Covered three sides by hills act as the most exotic destination among the Assam Tourists Places. The place is dotted by the cityscape, the wildlife sanctuaries, the alluring scenic beauty. The major attraction to unfold like Umananda Temple, Kamakhya Temple, and some famous temple are the most iconic things for tourists. This is the most advanced city even travellers can’t stop themselves to fly here and spent a couple of days by travelling here and discovering the amazing beauty of this place.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is the most alluring site allows you to witness the two-thirds of the Great one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga and also includes the highest density of tigers preserved here. Moreover, the site for animal lovers also allows you to explore the large breeding population of elephants, wild water buffalo, and lovely swamp deer, which will amaze you and definitely make your day. The park is rich in flora and fauna offers the ideal time between November and April to explore for tourists.

Bamuni Hills in Assam Tourists Places

One the spectacular and reflection of olden times from Assam Tourism Places, Bamuni Hills pointed at Tezpur in Assam is the most glorious place to explore for tourists. The impressive stone statuette and stunning rock sculpture are the centres of attraction. The most amazing style design on the stone provides an idea of the talent of artists. Along with this, the spectacular beauty of the river Brahmaputra inclines the glow of this destination. Da Parbatia and couple of other amazing sites definitely win the hearts of tourists.

Assam State Museum

Pinpoint at the heart of Guwahati city, is one of the most visited museums among Assam Tourists Places. The museum is an impressive colonial-era building include some of the large sculpture body are the unique things for tourists. The upper floors witnessing the tribal-culture views, moreover, the anthropological galleries give a glimpse of daily rural life, are the sights make your visit a worth of it. If you want a sneak peak of the history of North-east Indian then this museum is right on your way.

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