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Athirapalli falls- nature spot in Kerala

Athirapalli falls- nature spot in Kerala

Athirapalli falls- nature spot in Kerala

Athirapalli falls- nature spot in Kerala

Athirapalli falls

Athirapalli falls- nature spot in Kerala

Athirapalli falls- nature spot in Kerala

It is one of the biggest and highest waterfalls in the state of Kerala and is the most suitable destination for you to visit in the monsoon season. The Athirapalli falls showers its nature created falls splashed over the lake from a height of 80 feet. People from nearby cities and neighbouring states find this place an ideal weekend spot to spend memorable time with near and dear ones. This nature delight is definitely an amazing place for the nature lovers as the waterfalls stands between huge forests with dense greeneries all around. It is for sure that your lust for watching high waterfall would be fulfilled here.

The exact location is 32 kilometers away from Chalakuddy, which is a less visited town along the boundary of Thrissur. The waterfall is many layered and is a part of the Western Ghats featured forest. The place reminds us of the children movie, Jungle Book. Besides varieties of plants and animals the jungle is also home to many birds of diverse species, among which the uncommon is hornbill. You can here many different calls of birds from inside the jungle. Nature enthusiasts would like to grab the opportunity to capture nature photographs into the wild.

Best time to visit Athirapalli falls

The best time of the day in the daytime from 8 am to 6 p.m. waterfalls generally look more beautiful when the monsoon arrives and there is an increase in the force of water. But you could not enjoy so much when there is heavy rainfall. April, May and June are summer days, when the view is not much fulfilling. Therefore, the best time of the year is September and October when the monsoon had just come to an end leaving impressions of its heavy shower upon the nature’s beauty making it wet and glamorous. Thus you can have fun and enjoy the best of the waterfall at this time.

Facts you might know

The streams of the flowing water from the falls led to the formation of the river Chalukudy. It is a great reservoir for a huge number of fish species. The forest is home to many wild lives such as leopard, bison, sambar, elephants and lion tailed macaque. The place is the only region in the Western Ghats which is protecting the endangered species of the bird hornbill. The famous Bollywood film Raavan was shot here, the scene when Aishwarya was bathing in the falls. The former environment minister has named this place “silent Valley” due to its enchanting nature and the mysterious waterfall hidden into the heart of the rain forest.

Activities to do in Athirapalli falls

  • Trekking and river rafting
  • Enjoy the moment by having a relaxed picnic
  • Enjoy the nature’s beauty- the sunrays, sounds of water etc.
  • Capture the enigmatic creation of nature into your camera.
  • You may visit the nearby amusement park.
  • Trekking from the up to the bottom of the falls.

Tips to know before you go

Carry good shoes and tight clothing as you need to walk for 15 minutes from the entrance through the irregular paths of the forest to reach the waterfall. As visiting the place would take much time in order to enjoy the beauty of the falls to the fullest, so you must allot at least half of the day. The place has been made clean by the forest department, so try to maintain the cleanliness and through paper or plastics inside the forest region. Food and drinking water is not available inside the forest, so carry such items with you.

Route description to reach there

The spot is located at distance of 70 km from Kochi. The nearby railway station is Chalakuddy, however there are other railway stations too from where you can reach the destination. These are Ernakulum which is 55 km away and Thrissur is 70 kms away from Athirapalli. Public transport systems include buses and autos available from Cochin, Thrissur and Chalakuddy. Apart from this, cabs or taxis can be hired to make a comfortable journey. DJ bakery is the nearest restaurant in the vicinity where you can have your lunch or pack it before going to the location. Other restaurants are there but a bit far away.

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