Attractions of Western Australia

Attractions of Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the major tourist attractions for travelers looking for wilderness and adventure, and rightfully so. The area is huge but very sparsely populated – just 2.1 million inhabitants with almost three-quarters of them living in Perth. And yet, the area covers more than one-third of the whole Australian land mass. This is the perfect recipe for travelers looking for peace and quiet, to experience the wilderness like nowhere else and re-align their tired body and mind with nature. So, what are you waiting for? Get searching for the cheapest flights to Australia and give your stressed mind a well-deserved break in this land of adventure!

Scenic Perth

Start out your adventure in Perth, famed for its blue skies, stunning natural scenery and friendly, spirited people. The city of Perth is built on the banks of Swan River and flanked by scenic highlights such as the King Parks and the Botanic Gardens. The carefree city offers various activities and attractions – you can go parasailing over the sparkling Swan River, stroll through Kings Park and admire the city’s skyline, or visit the beach. The city is the perfect place for a holiday, and make for a great way to the start of your Australian west coast adventure.

Colorful birds and beautiful Australian wildflowers are just a few minutes away from the city center in Kings Park. Over 400 hectares of parklands and natural bush is spread for you to explore and enjoy, as well as a great spot at the top of Mount Eliza to enjoy a picnic and admire the sweeping Perth skyline. You can also visit the Aboriginal Art Gallery, or rent a bike to explore the park. The city of Perth also boast 19 metropolitan beaches, each with its own special atmosphere. These make for a great spot to watch the sunset, or to have a splash out in the waters of Indian Ocean. Some of the more popular beaches are Scarborough, Trigg, Port, and Cottesloe.

To the south of Perth is the precinct city of Fremantle, a colorful area that truly comes alive during the weekends. Street performers, fresh farmers markets and alfresco cafes dot the area, a popular quick getaway destination for local tourists. Aromas of fragrant spices wafts tantalizingly in the air as the markets hum with colorful crafts, antiques and fresh food and produce. Fremantle is easily accessible from the city, either by train or through a Swan River Cruise, and is definitely worth a visit.

Another popular quick getaway from Perth is the Peel Region, which lies less than an hour away from the city of Perth. Boasting sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the coast to the rugged terrain of Darling Scarp, the region offers something for every type of adventure lovers. Whitewater rafting, swimming with the dolphins, hiking and trekking, all these activities and more are available in the region. There is also the popular Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary which is known for its good fishing, crabbing and prawning.

Margaret River

Margaret River - Attractions of Western Australia

Towards the south of Perth is the Margaret River region, a charming scenic landscape boasting world-class wineries and boutique breweries. But the main attraction for adventurers would be the pounding surf breaks and the spectacular scenery. Mother Nature has created an exceptional gallery here in the form of networks of underground caves, turquoise waters and rugged natural coastline. Trekkers would undoubtedly enjoy walking the various coastal trails available here, as well as pay a visit to the historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, situated at the most south-westerly tip of Australia with its dramatic cliffs and rocks. Explore the stalactite decorating Ngilgi and Jewel Caves, the ancient fossil remains of Mammoth Cave, and admire the Karri Trees, the third tallest trees in the world, at the Boranup Forest.

For the surf lovers, powerful waves hammer through 40 kilometers of Margaret River’s coastline, with Surfer’s Point promising excellent swells and first-class waves. There are also a boat-load of other activities available for your convenience – from water-skiing and canoeing to windsurfing and rock-climbing. This combination of great surf, fine food and wine, spectacular scenery and a naturally diverse region allows Margaret River to emerge as one of the world’s top travel destinations.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

On the other side of Perth is the Kalbarri National Park, located on the lower reaches of the Murchison River, filled with magnificent gorges, rolling sand plains and dramatic sea cliffs. Here is the area of Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with natural attractions and travel highlights.

Visit Shell Beach, a long stretch of snow-white beach popular for swimming, beach combing and relaxing in the sunshine. The aptly named attraction is formed from millions of shells, a truly unique destination. Over the years, the shells have used to construct a number of historic buildings in the nearby town of Denham, deep in the heart of Shark Bay and springboard to various nearby attractions.

Another such attraction is Monkey Mia, one of Australia’s most talked-about destinations where wild bottle-nose dolphins swim around your legs just off the beach. Here, the beautiful beaches complement the warm sea, superb fishing and fascinating wildlife to create a electrifying destination. The Hamelin Pool is another local wonder, filled with hyper-saline water and rocks that are actually alive – they are marine stromatolites, slow growing organisms that have existed for at least 3,5 billion years.

Coral Coast

Finally, you can head towards the Coral Coast, a coastline region that is home to the unique rock formations of the Pinnacles and the internationally renowned Ningaloo Marine Park, an amazing area for diving and fishing all your round. With its world-class waters filled with marine life, Ningaloo Marine Park is an Australian icon, and one of the few places in the world where you can take a tour and swim with the world’s largest fish – the whale shark.

The Marine Park covers a massive area of 5,000 square kilometers of ocean, stretching 260 kilometers from Budegi Reef near Exmouth to Amherst Point near Coral Bay. Here, you can wade into the crystal clear water at Turquoise Bay and you will be immediately within distance to reef formations that is home to more than 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of corals, as well as dolphins, dugongs, manta-rays and turtles. Few areas in the world can match the region for its aquatic life and excellent water visibility.

This reputation as one of Earth’s last ocean paradises have seen Ningaloo Marine Park awarded numerous tourism awards, and have always been one of the more popular travel destinations in Australia. The area has also been nominated to be enshrined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travelers can base themselves at the small fishing towns of Exmouth and Coral Bay, both of which have retained their original flavor and a relaxed, down-to-earth vibe.

Australian Campervan Touring Guide

Stunning Ayers Rock

Stunning Ayers Rock - Australian Campervan Touring Guide
Stunning Ayers Rock

Australian Campervan Touring Guide: A road trip via camper van or motor home can be the best way to see Australia. Australia is a big country and there are many less explored and remote areas which are not easily accessible by trains or airplanes  Most of these remote areas provide a joyful ride and let you experience the beautiful Australian landscape. Motor homes can be the best mode of transportation for both foreigners and native Australian tourists. In fact, most Australians are known to love a good road trip in a motor-home.

However, you always need proper planning when you are thinking about a trip in a motor-home  Without proper planning, your trip can be very expensive. In most cases, people end up paying more than what they would have paid on a usual trip via trains or airplanes. This is the reason why it is very important to plan about every aspect before going on a motor-home trip.

Here is a basic touring guide that will help you to plan for an Australian motor-home trip.

Planning An Itinerary and A Proper Route

Planning An Itinerary - Australian Campervan Touring Guide
Planning An Itinerary

First of all, it is better to know exactly what you want to see in Australia. Australia is a big country with many different climates and road conditions. Some areas in Australia have long roads without mobile reception, power, food, petrol stations, or water. Many motor-home rental companies do not allow a trip to such areas. In some cases, you may be allowed. But you will need to prepare accordingly.

You may end up traveling for days between cities. Therefore, it is also important to determine the duration of your trip. It will be better to allow some extra time to yourself than expected. This will give you some peace of mind and you will not be under pressure to finish the trip in a rush if you lag behind.

Climate Changes

Climate Changes - Attractions of Western Australia
Climate Changes

When you are planning a road trip through Australia, it is very important to understand the climate changes. Australia is in the Southern hemisphere, therefore summer is from December to February. On the other hand, winter stretches from June to August. Winter is not necessarily cold all across Australia. Northern Australia is usually warm throughout the year. Moreover, Summers in Southern Australia can raise the temperature to an excess of 50 degrees Celsius.

Climate conditions are moderate in spring and autumn. In fact, these are the best seasons to visit Australia. This way, you are able to avoid extreme climate conditions. Northern Australia can be flooded during summer and there may be heavy snowfall in Southern Australia during winter. All these can act as barriers to a nice and fun road trip.

Choosing the Right Motor-home

Motor-home - Australian Campervan Touring Guide

Camper vans usually have all the basic amenities that can make you self-sufficient on a road trip. They have cooking facilities, beds, refrigerators, sinks, and other basic facilities. If you want it to be more comfortable, you can spend some extra money and get a bathroom with shower facilities. In the same way, you can also save some money by choosing a minivan or station wagon.

The choice of your motor-home will usually depend on a lot of factors including the number of people who are travelling, your itinerary, the final destination, level of comfort, and budget.

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