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Australian Campervan Touring Guide

Australian Campervan Touring Guide

Australian Campervan Touring Guide

Stunning Ayers Rock

Stunning Ayers Rock - Australian Campervan Touring Guide
Stunning Ayers Rock

Australian Campervan Touring Guide: A road trip via camper van or motor home can be the best way to see Australia. Australia is a big country and there are many less explored and remote areas which are not easily accessible by trains or airplanesĀ  Most of these remote areas provide a joyful ride and let you experience the beautiful Australian landscape. Motor homes can be the best mode of transportation for both foreigners and native Australian tourists. In fact, most Australians are known to love a good road trip in a motor-home.

However, you always need proper planning when you are thinking about a trip in a motor-homeĀ  Without proper planning, your trip can be very expensive. In most cases, people end up paying more than what they would have paid on a usual trip via trains or airplanes. This is the reason why it is very important to plan about every aspect before going on a motor-home trip.

Here is a basic touring guide that will help you to plan for an Australian motor-home trip.

Planning An Itinerary and A Proper Route

Planning An Itinerary - Australian Campervan Touring Guide
Planning An Itinerary

First of all, it is better to know exactly what you want to see in Australia. Australia is a big country with many different climates and road conditions. Some areas in Australia have long roads without mobile reception, power, food, petrol stations, or water. Many motor-home rental companies do not allow a trip to such areas. In some cases, you may be allowed. But you will need to prepare accordingly.

You may end up traveling for days between cities. Therefore, it is also important to determine the duration of your trip. It will be better to allow some extra time to yourself than expected. This will give you some peace of mind and you will not be under pressure to finish the trip in a rush if you lag behind.

Climate Changes

Climate Changes
Climate Changes

When you are planning a road trip through Australia, it is very important to understand the climate changes. Australia is in the Southern hemisphere, therefore summer is from December to February. On the other hand, winter stretches from June to August. Winter is not necessarily cold all across Australia. Northern Australia is usually warm throughout the year. Moreover, Summers in Southern Australia can raise the temperature to an excess of 50 degrees Celsius.

Climate conditions are moderate in spring and autumn. In fact, these are the best seasons to visit Australia. This way, you are able to avoid extreme climate conditions. Northern Australia can be flooded during summer and there may be heavy snowfall in Southern Australia during winter. All these can act as barriers to a nice and fun road trip.

Choosing the Right Motor-home

Motor-home - Australian Campervan Touring Guide

Camper vans usually have all the basic amenities that can make you self-sufficient on a road trip. They have cooking facilities, beds, refrigerators, sinks, and other basic facilities. If you want it to be more comfortable, you can spend some extra money and get a bathroom with shower facilities. In the same way, you can also save some money by choosing a minivan or station wagon.

The choice of your motor-home will usually depend on a lot of factors including the number of people who are travelling, your itinerary, the final destination, level of comfort, and budget.


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