• South Africas Diverse Wildlife

    South Africas Diverse Wildlife

    A Guide to South Africa Diverse Wildlife South Africa is home to some of the most famous game reserves on the planet, with places like the Kruger National Park attracting huge numbers of visitors from across the world each year. The reason behind this popularity is the fact that the legendary Big Five can be found here, although the truth is that South Africa contains a huge array of other wildlife as well – much of which you won’t see elsewhere. It’s because of this that holidays to South Africa are thought of as one of the best ways to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as many people consider seeing animals…

  • Shopping in Bangkok

    Shopping in Bangkok

    A Complete Guide to Shopping in Bangkok Shopping in Bangkok: It is hard to imagine going on a trip and coming back empty-handed, which is why everyone tries to save some time for shopping, whether for themselves or their loved ones. Such is the case when planning a trip to Thailand. When traveling to a large city such as Bangkok, it is difficult to choose from the wide number of stores and locations available. Bangkok is a particularly interesting case when it comes to options. The sheer number of possibilities makes it difficult for many to choose where to shop, while also taking into consideration the length of their trip…

  • A Couple of Days in Beijing to Spare?

    A Couple of Days in Beijing to Spare?

    A Couple of Days in Beijing to Spare? If you find yourself with a couple of days’ stop-over in Beijing, or you’re simply passing through on a little adventure of your own, then you’re more than catered for when it comes to things to see, do, and enjoy here. This is a huge city, one which is brimming with history, architecture, culture, and also a touch of the modern, and is also a city which you will never get to see every corner of during one visit, but you can sure as hell try! The best bet is to identify what you want to see and work with that, so…

  • 25 Newbie Travel Mistakes

    25 Newbie Travel Mistakes

    25 Newbie Travel Mistakes – You Can Avoid On Your Trip Spot the souvenirs from a trip to Africa for sale at our recent garage sale Packing too much. Everyone is going to tell you about this one so let’s just get it out of the way. Thinking you need to take a giant backpack. Especially if you’re small and female, you might want to take a wheelie bag rather than a giant backpack. Get a spinner (4 wheels rather than 2) if you can. Pre-booking. For example, tours or accommodation. With a few exceptions, you won’t need to prebook. Check with travel bloggers who’ve been to the destination you’re…

  • 24 Hours in Shanghai
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    24 Hours in Shanghai

    24 Hours in Shanghai 24 Hours in Shanghai: Hop aboard the Shanghai Maglev and prepare to be blasted at 270 mph into a city of soup dumplings a la xiaolongbao, sharp-elbowed pedestrians (if you don’t know you’ll soon find out), and bewildering variety: the unforgettable Shanghai. Yes, you just stepped off the plane, but no, this city doesn’t wait. And you only have 24 hours. Let our whirlwind begin! Yu Yuan Garden/Bazaar Shanghai  As I said, you were just throttled at 270 mph for seven whole minutes, which means you need to cool off for a hot minute and recoup the brain cells you lost to the city’s most prestigious magnetic-levitation…

  • 20 Reasons To Study Abroad

    20 Reasons To Study Abroad

    20 Reasons To Study Abroad Study abroad programs are an ideal option for finding career inspiration and having one-of-a-kind life experiences. However, many people are deterred from exploring these programs because of the costs and the fear that they will compromise their educational time in their home countries. Instead of a compromise, studying abroad can provide a richer educational environment and will also open many doors for future career choices. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider a study abroad program during your educational career. Language immersion. In order to keep up with international aspects of government and business jobs, students need appropriate cultural and linguistic skillsets.…