• Aquarium of the Pacific

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    Aquarium of the Pacific Built on the land reclaimed from the sea and opened to the public in 1998, the Aquarium of the Pacific has 1.5 million annual visitors. With around 500 species of 11,000 animals covering most types of aquatic habitats have amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, penguins, reptiles, sharks, and turtles. The aquarium is open to the public throughout the year except for Christmas day and the weekend of the Grand Prix of Long Beach. What to see: The three main galleries Southern California and Baja, Northern Pacific, and Tropical pacific exhibiting habitats of the marine environment of California, the Bering Sea and Palau, the western extreme of…

  • South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch
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    South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch

    An Exclusive Travel Guide To South Africa’s Wine Place- Stellenbosch Wine Place- Stellenbosch: Getting the best category of wine is surely not easy but with South Africa, there are surely no worries as it is surely one of people’s preferred wine countries in the world. The wines here are extraordinary and certainly affordable and they surely have a taste which one will not experience in any other country. Yes, it is true that many prefer red wine in general but the white wine of South Africa is surely magical and fun. They have these warm, vanilla-y notes which will enthrall one like no other white wine. Now if you wish…

  • Colours in the Northern Sky

    Amazing Play of Colours in the Northern Sky

    An Amazing Play of Colours in the Northern Sky Colours in the Northern Sky: Iceland is a paradise for hikers. During the display of Northern Light, tourists flock here from all around the world. People crowd around Iceland in the months of winter to watch a play of colours put forth by the natural phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. Northern Light is such a fascinating sight that people all around the world flock here to watch dancing colours. Colours take up images of different shapes to paint the dark sky. There are many adventure tours featuring trips to Iceland that particularly focus upon the sights of Aurora borealis. Think you are…

  • Corkscrew Falls

    Corkscrew Falls

    Amazing Beauty of Corkscrew Falls Are you planning for an exciting vacation filled with lots of trekking, water sports, and other fun activities this holiday season? The Hocking Hills in Logan, Ohio in the United States can be the perfect spot you are looking for. This place is filled with pristine beauty that leaves you spellbound and soothes your senses. The place also has historical significance, with some illustrations here indicating that the ancient Adena culture that dates back to 7000 years, existed here. A deeply dissected area of the Allegheny Plateau of Ohio, the Hocking Hills is filled with an abundance of waterfalls, fountains, rock shelters, gorges, and cliffs.…

  • Tour of Cyprus by Campervan
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    Cyprus by Campervan

    A Tour of Cyprus by Campervan Touring the Island of Aphrodite Traveling around Europe is nothing new to many camper van owners, but leaving the mainland might be – and if you’re considering some island-hopping in your campervan, Cyprus could be the perfect destination. Why Cyprus? Not only does Cyprus have year-round sunshine, with rainy days a real rarity, it has hot summers, mild winters, some exceptional beaches, and is roughly half the size of Wales, so it won’t take too long to get around the entire island. And they drive on the left too, so there’ll be no confusion at roundabouts! So, where should you go when you get…

  • Romantic Getaway in Canada
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    Romantic Getaway in Canada

    A Romantic Getaway in Canada Romantic Getaway in Canada: If romance is in your mind then Canada is a perfect place to be at. This majestic country is brimming with an abundance of natural beauty, charismatic towns, and a plethora of travel-worthy attractions. Take your lover out to some of the amazing romantic escapades in Canada. Now with cheap flight tickets to Canada, you can cut down your travel expenses on tickets and can shell out more money on shopping. Here is a quick guide to some of the places in Canada that are must-visit. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia For lovers and couples, Cape Breton Island is one of the…