Avoid Winter Weight With These Tricks In The Kitchen

Avoid Winter Weight With These Tricks In The Kitchen

Avoid winter weight gain is an extremely tough struggle for many people. During the winter the days get shorter and shorter and before you know it there are only a few hours of daylight left. The lack of sunlight and the cold weather tempt people towards eating unhealthily. Comfort foods tend to become the food of choice and any last thoughts of a healthy diet go straight out the window.

The cold days combined with the Christmas period, which is a holiday that revolves around eating, makes the task of eating healthy even more of an uphill struggle. But that doesn’t mean that you have to eat unhealthily when it comes to the winter season. There are many tips and tricks that you can use that will ensure that you avoid any winter weight gain and they are not difficult to implement at all.

Here are the top kitchen tips for avoiding winter weight gain.

Cook Your Meals From Scratch

Cooking your meals from scratch is a brilliant way to avoid winter weight gain. This is because it puts you in complete control over what you are eating. You can choose what ingredients to use and what recipe to make. This means that you can stay well clear from things such as ready meals, processed foods, high calorie, nd high sugar meals. If you don’t know how to cook from scratch then it is time that you learn if you want to avoid winter weight gain.

Serve Food On Smaller Plates

Whenever you cook a meal you should always serve it on the smallest plates that you have. The reason for this is because you trick yourself into eating smaller portions. In turn, his means that you eat a little less food and will avoid the worst of winter weight gain. This trick is probably the easiest one that you can carry out.

Make Your Own Soup

Make Your Own Soup

Soup is a perfect meal during the winter months as it helps keep you warm even on the coldest of days. However, you should stay away from the tinned soups especially if they are cream-based. Instead, you should be bold and make your own soups. It isn’t difficult to do either. All you need are a few vegetables and a bit of stock. If you are ever stuck for ideas there are loads of light chicken recipes all over the internet.

Substitute Your Tea And Coffee For Herbal Tea

Coffee For Herbal Tea

This is a simple change that you can make. Herbal tea is much better for you over your standard tea and coffee. For example teas like green tea have been proven to actually aid in weight loss so putting them into your diet can really help you out of the winter months. Swapping to herbal tea also allows you to reduce your sugar intake as you don’t need to add sugar to herbal teas.

Limit Your Access To Comfort Foods

As was mentioned in the introduction, comfort foods become the food of choice during the winter. You should make a stand against this and limit your access to comfort foods. Either try not to buy comfort food at all or if you do hide it away in a place that is a little awkward to get to. This will prevent you from overindulging, helping you to stay clear of any winter weight gain.

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