Awesome Spots to View Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Awesome Spots to View Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Japan’s cherry blossom season is one of the more awaited festivals each year. During spring, the sakura colors come into play, with its delicate pink hues and beautiful blooms, converting many of Japans’ lush tranquil garden into a pink picnic festival. To the Japanese, the cherry blossom trees represent the fragility and how life is short but beautiful.

The exquisite blossoms happen only during spring, from mid-March to late April of each year. Your Japan itinerary planning should start around 8 weeks before the start of Japan’s spring season to catch early blooming varieties.

To help out with your itinerary, here are some of the most awesome places to catch the blooms in their most beautiful pink hues.

Top 7 Places to Visit Cherry Blossoms in Japan


Okinawa - Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Okinawa is the first place to experience the first blooms of cherry blossoms in all of Japan. The Okinawan cherry blossom kind starts to bloom as early as January and its hue is a darker pink. The weather might not be friendly during January but it still is a great time to catch snow, especially on the island of Honshu, and the cherry blossom at the same time.

Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno Park, Tokyo

One of the best spots and with free entrance to the park to view cherry blossoms that’s also within city center of Tokyo. Just get off Ueno Station at the green line and you’re there in the center of the lush park with a thousand varieties of late-blooming cherry blossoms.

Hirosaki Park, Hirosaki

Hirosaki Park, Hirosaki - Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Hirosaki Park is one of the best spots to view the more than 4 thousand varieties of cherry blossoms. There is a tranquil small lake where you can rent boats and float thru the drooping branches of cherry blossoms.  Add to that a 400-year-old Hirosaki Castle within the same grounds and you get yourself a perfect photo-op! Plus factor is that it is easily accessible to bus stops and a short ride from JR Line Hirosaki Station.

Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen is top favorite among visitors because the lush and vast garden features both early-blooming variety of cherry blossoms and the late-blooming variety. You can still catch the late-blooming variety even if you come mid-April. Though there is a minimal entrance fee of 200yen, you can enjoy the whole day of the park, picnic and peaceful surroundings that you wouldn’t believe its located right in the heart of Tokyo.

Chureito Pagoda, Fuji Five Lakes

Chureito Pagoda, Fuji Five Lakes

Probably the best and also the top favorite spot among seasoned photographers because it also offers the iconic Mount Fuji as its backdrop. Don’t forget to breathe when you get that money shot!

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle

Known as one of Japan’s major castles alongside Himeji and Kumamoto, Nagoya Castle is most beautiful during cherry blossoms season late March to mid-April. Precious art treasures are displayed from the first to the fifth floor of the castle. Stay for the night to view the illuminating cherry blossoms kind.

Daigo-Ji Temple, Kyoto

Daigo-Ji Temple, Kyoto - Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Daigo-Ji Temple is located in the southeastern part of Kyoto and within the grounds of Mount Daigo. Daigo-Ji Temple is registered in the list of World Cultural Heritage Site. Take the hike in the mountain to get a perfect jaw-dropping view of the temple surrounded by more than 700 hundred varieties of cherry blossom.

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