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Backpacking Australia Guide

Backpacking In Australia Guide

Backpacking In Australia Guide

Backpacking Australia Guide: The wide variety of transport within Australia is essential to the ultimate backpacking experience as it enables you to truly explore the country and visit a vast amount of sights on offer. The range means you are able to pick transport which is appropriate for your travels and the sights which you wish to see. Moreover, your budget and the time period you in Australia should also play a part in your choice of transportation.



The cheapest way of traveling around the country is by hitchhiking. Due to the distance between larger popular cities within Australia, some journeys can last hours. If you are backpacking alone this is an excellent way of having human contact as well as gaining knowledge about the country. Moreover, if you desire adventure, hitchhiking can take you to some remote places away from the tourist trails. The long waits between hitchhikes mean it is advisable to stay hydrated and well covered whilst waiting due to the extreme heat. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the risks that come with hitchhiking, so never enter a vehicle you don’t feel comfortable about. However, this way of getting around enables you to meet a variety of people and see a variety of places in order to gain unique Australian experiences for the cheapest price.

Buying or renting a car

Buying or renting a car

Having your own vehicle enables you to travel with independence and freedom. In order to hire a car, you must be over 18 with a valid license. Also, you have to have been in Australia for less than 6 months otherwise you must apply for an Australia’s driving license or have an international driving permit. The traffic drives on the left-hand side where speeds range from 100-110 km/h on country roads, 130 km/h on highways in the Northern Territory, 100km/h on motorways, and 50km/h in built-up areas. Be aware that the drives between areas can be long so require breaks along the way.

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Whilst car hire may be expensive, if you hire for a short period of time it gives you the freedom to explore areas of Australia in-depth without having to rely on coach timetables. Make sure the hiring company has dropped off points around the country so you can return the vehicle easily. There are many online car hire brokers to help you find cheap car hire deals. If you are backpacking for a longer period, buying a car may be advantageous. A private sale with another traveler can be the cheapest option and may come with handy tips on essential backpacking routes.

Travelling by Tour bus

Travelling by Tour bus

Within Australia, there are many tour buses set up with the sole purpose of transporting backpackers to and from locations. As this is a popular way of travel, there are many companies commuting between larger cities. This enables you to search around to find the cheapest possible deal. However, this mode of traveling means you can become dependent upon timetables and may lose the freedom which is essential to backpacking.

Each variety of transport on offer within Australia has its advantages such as cost, freedom, and exploration. This range enables you to pick the transport which suits your budget, your time within the country, and your preferred way of backpacking.


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