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Bakreswar tourist spots

Bakreswar tourist spots

Bakreswar tourist spots

Bakreswar tourist spots

Bakreswar tourist spots

Bakreswar tourist spots

The Land that Sings – Bakreswar tourist spots

Bakreswar is a famous tourist place located in the Bribhum District in the state of West Bengal. This town has a number of hot springs and ancient temple that are a source of attraction to many explorers and tourists. This place holds a very significant place in Hindu culture as it is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Pithas of India and is the very popular place to visit in West Bengal. Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station is located near the Bakreswar town also make this place famous in West Bengal. The Bakreswar tourist spots are well connected by the roads and area is easily accessible. Trains are also available as another means of communication. The existence of “Shiva Lingam” makes this place as a historically important holy place. Bhagawan Shiva and Goddess Kali temples are another tourists spots in Bakreswar. The temple is believed to be constructed at the spot where the forehead and brows of Goddess Sati fell. There is a common belief among people that the Hot Mineral Water Springs at Bakreswar is known to cure numerous chronic ailments.

Various Bakreswar tourist spots are;

Bakreswar Temple

The Bakreshwar Temple located in West Bengal mainly famous for its amazing oria-style architecture. Mahishmardini and the Vakranath temple are also located in the complex of the temple. It contains some of the unique ancient paintings of the goddess, preserved and is the main sight of attraction for visitors. The temple is hugely visited by a number of the Hindu followers and devotes, along with this, the temple is surrounded by small shrines of Lord Shiva. Along with holy importance, this region is known particularly for its scenic beauty making it one of the famous Bakreswar tourist spot.

Hot springs 

The most preferred and lovely site for tourists, Hot springs contain seven hot springs at this destination mainly identify the ShivLinga named as Agni Kund, Brahma Kund, Surya Kund, Saubhagya Kund, Amrita Kund, Kheer Kund, JibatKund and Vairav Kund are the well-known sights of this destination. Agni Kund is the hottest springs with some amazing healing properties. One feels rejuvenated and contented leaving this place and aura of this place has a long-lasting impression on the mind.

Nearby temples to explore in Bakreswar tourist spots

Terracotta Shiva temple and Trayodash Ratna temple are also visited by tourists here as they are also popular Bakreswar tourist spots. A big fair is held here every year on the Shiva-ratri in which thousands of people gather to take part. The Mughal Kuthi at Mahanto Para is also a significant tourist spot to pay a visit and travellers can also locate numerous nearby hills.

Accommodation and Transport in Bakreswar tourist spots

Transportation is easily available for visitors 24 hours to catch this place from Bus service to cabs and private taxes are offered here, Bolpur contains the nearest railway station. Moreover, from budget to luxury options, hotels and resorts are also available for pleasure stay of visitors; however, the most preferred hotel is WBTDC Tourist Lodge. Other budget lodges are easy to find there. Advance booking will allow tourists to escape any problems during on spot bookings.

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