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Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore MG Road

Bangalore, MG Road & Brigade Road

After a few hours of crossing Bangalore in a car, darting from one tourist sight to another, stretching your legs on MG & Brigade Road is a welcome find. Travel guides will certainly point you in this direction given access to Western and Indian shops as well as hotels, cafes, and numerous restaurants. My travel companion and I had plenty of freedom to roam as our room was well within walking distance from here.

Parking is a nightmare unless you have a scooter. Plan accordingly if traveling by car + driver. Tuk Tuk’s are everywhere providing taxi service to and from this destination. Once there you’ll find yourself immersed in the young urban youths as well as the up and coming middle class filling the streets. Western clothing dons nearly every shopper here making the high number of foreign tourists fit right in. Everything from McDonald’s to KFC to Benneton is at your fingertips.

For a quick pick me up, head to Cafe Coffee Day. Starbucks “Indian style” offers a huge menu of coffee, tea, and sweets perfect for a quick jolt of energy.

McGee’s Restaurant located on, you guessed it, MG Road provides an immaculate choice in dining for this area. Pure veg cuisine is served in a very modern, dark wood with glass and metal interior. My partner and I caught this in-between meals however felt confident recommending it based on outward appearances. The long canopied entrance, host station and peek inside appeared extremely neat and clean. We were warmly greeted as we looked around viewing the menu and decor.

McGee's Restaurant

Do watch your traveling party while browsing the streets. Traffic is very dense, quick, and impatient. It’s best to cross an intersection when you can find a light in your favor. And although it didn’t feel as if we were being watched as tourists, one eye was always scanning the crowd for potential theft opportunities.

This is one of the biggest commercial and busiest shipping areas of Bangalore. Give yourself at least an hour for rapid window shopping on MG and Brigade or up to all day if serious shopping interests you.


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