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Where to go ? – Bangkok

Over the past ten years or more, the self-styled Land of Smiles has grown from being mainly a backpacker preserve to become one of the countries most popular tourist destinations and businesses of the game. Shambolically from its capital, Bangkok, the epic of white sand in some of the world”s most beautiful beachesThailand is able to satisfy different tastes. The difference today is that the elephant walks through the jungle and days spent on palm-fringed beaches usually end in a luxury hotel or Spa Resort, rather than a “dollar-a-night” beach hut.

Most Thais refer to capital “Krung Thep,” Thai abbreviated name of a city that actually consists of 32 different words, a suitably impressive number of monikers for a capital which is one of the most eclectic and exciting.

Bangkok in Thailand is what London is in England: metropolis, the hub of activity, economic and political. The rapid pace of change and the increasing prosperity that gives the city much of its vitality has also caused some problems, with widely reported nightmare traffic jams and pollution. In recent years, the opening of a new smart metropolitan rail land that allows visitors to slide in chaotic scenes below, along with its low cost and often riverboats and convenient air-conditioned taxi, the situation has improved significantly.

The city is running the Chao Phraya river, on the banks find that some of the best hotels in Bangkok. It’s also where visitors will find the Grand Palace, which covers a wide area, is one of the largest sites. Again, is Wat Phra Kaeo, a temple complex that houses the Emerald Buddha. This statue of Buddha is not covered in emeralds, as the name suggests, but is made of translucent green jade. Upstream from the Grand Palace is the Royal Barges. These richly decorated barges are still used for processions on the Chao Phraya. Within the limits of the city is a fortune of over 300 Buddhist temples and shrines.

More famous is Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple), Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and Wat (Temple of the Golden Buddha). One of the largest temple complexes in the country is Wat Pho. In total there are more than 30 individual temples scattered here, including the Temple of Buddha is the largest. The statue of Buddha is enormous, a great 47.5m (156ft) long and 15 m (49ft) high. The gardens surrounding the temple offers an escape from the frenetic pace of the city. The temple is also the National School of traditional Thai massage.

Floating  market 

Floating  market - bangkok

Floating Market is an interesting place to visit, even if it has become more of a tourist attraction of a genuine market for Thai. Other attractions include Lak Muang (city of stone), Erawan Shrine, where local supply is carried out every day, and the National Museum. Inrymt in Suan Pakkard Palace is a collection of valuable antiques. Interesting is also the former home of the U.S. retailer of silk Jim Thompson who has disappeared without trace in 1967. Today, the house is a craft museum with a shop that sells high-quality silks at reasonable prices. Bangkok‘s thriving nightlife is also a great attraction. The ubiquitous girlie bar in Patpong is known, but these days are tourist friendly, and beyond these dens, there are new designer bars and discos smart modern, as some of the best restaurants in Asia.

Grand & palace wat phra kaew Grand Palace


this is, Bangkok should refer to the site of the house is a beautiful house and the king of the Emerald Buddha. This visit is the best thing you can hear the tour guides, all of the history around this wonderful site. Grand Palace, here”s a picture of the left. Remember to adequate clothing (shorts), this place.

Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House

I have not yet visited, but this is a real beautiful “Thai style” O HAUSUOBUAMERIKA SS official that the former reconstruction after the Second World War, Thailand is the silk industry and the mystery disappeared during holidays. Mbk position opposite that this is a shopping mall or near the SAIAMUSENTA are easily accessible so it is an empty train.

Thai boxing (Muay Thai)

Thai boxing - Bangkok

Thai boxing has become famous all over the world. Pattaya and Phuket go to a game and you can see the rig, or you can go to Lumpini Park and see the real thing, please. This fight will start about 6:00 pm or 5 both Friday and Saturday night to it.

River & Canal farm arunsnake WATTO WATTO ARUN journey

and not RITORUTORIPPU pleasant, but many are known to take a boat rental and a two-hour long journey through the canals of Bangkok. You can rent a boat and the driver is a snake farm and take the farm and WATTOARUN River Orchid (Temple of Dawn). WATTOARUN river photos are displayed on the left side. You can rent a boat, the driver said, the river along the river Chao praya complex city. Depending on the time of the driver may also take these feeds in a huge catfish are near a canal along the wats. Get a boat, take a long, ” “other” side of Bangkok, on the side of the river Chao praya side is not the same as where to pick up the cruise ship. You can certainly go through the Canal on the other side of what life please refer. If you want to receive photos of some major channel in proceedings for children waving and smiling on you, this is the trip. I have these guys know how it is not possible to stay in good health after swimming.

These are monumental enough to visit many places in and around Bangkok, in no particular order, I made a list and a brief overview.

Wat Pho

Bangkok, another famous Wat, which is a tutor for Thai Massage. It is not far from the Grand Palace located.

Market The market floating on water

floating market, about 8 0 km south of Bangkok. It was interesting places that you can buy from suppliers indicate that on a daily basis.

Chao phraya River Cruise

Another nice thing to do is take a cruise along the Chao p raya. If Vai Ayyudhya to travel agencies, will probably recover the package includes: Van however; ayyudhya travel to Bangkok and back to his praya river Chao (RIBAOBUKINGUSU). Available to travel wherever they may go to dinner cruise boat and the river Chao praya.

Ayodhya & ayuddhyabang while in the palace –

about an hour north of Bangkok, Van However, the summer palace of the king of the palace. This site has been made famous in the West, and when I went to the king “Anna” from the film “Anna and the King”. Thailand believe that the history of hatred, why not become king farang their love with women. Capital is the former ayyudhya the Thai government, when they burned, the invasion of Burma in 1782 and moved to the new capital city of Bangkok. Ayyudhya ancient ruins, and a fantastic collection, it is really a breath happening (at least for me).

Bridge on the River Kwai

Bridge on the River Kwai - Bangkok

This is the one or two trips a day from Bangkok. I have never gone, but most people who go there since World War vets, and everything will be rebuilt, but students, the history is there and he wants to visit many areas people and then go.

The Centre emporium shopping –

Of course, if you want to go shopping in Bangkok is the place. There are several shopping malls in the most incredible that I have ever scene. The most famous shopping malls, large retail and sukhumvit soi 24 SAIAMUSENTA Shopping Center, which is accessible from both the system and some of BTS is to find the best (and most expensive) brand names world. Photos on the left is the shopping mall, as you exit the sky train. Walk in the park, photographs covered the Queen”s Park Hotel Imperial.


another of his jewellery shop called Fashion outlet. Fashion and an outlet is on the road silom phloenchit Center, the Marriott hotel across the street from gm. Thailand is not a lot of people who know the place for a lot of factory of the famous line of clothing. These products are extra factory when they go to places such as fashion and sell power. The original clothing to buy from suppliers such as boating, Columbia Sportswear; Beverly Hills Polo, Nike, etc., is an incredibly low price.

Marketchatuchak Chatuchak weekend market 

and not elsewhere, but many people know. And ”open on Saturdays and Sundays only, which is a favorite place for shopping in Thailand and some exporters to come here together to buy a home and sell goods to the ship. . In many cases, the same products can be found on the streets of sukhumvit and silom offer, but much cheaper price. Thai people, many suppliers to sell their products on the street to buy their products chatuchak come! You can have some ”excitation, all shops and down long lines since it is precisely the lack of breeze. BTS access to both chatuchak (MO slip Station), a new subway system


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