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Beach vacations with kids

Beach vacations with kids

Beach vacations with kids

With the onset of summer always start thinking about the rest at the seaside. Need to lie on the warm sand in the rays of bright sun, listening to the murmur of the sea. That’s all it would be feasible, if not a little child who just barely began to stalk. Is it possible to go to a spa with him?

We believe that not only can but should be. And for this there are many resorts on the coast of Ukraine, providing services to families with children. Basically these are known and resorts in the Crimea, Skadovsk, and hotels and the Azov Sea coast. But the sea there and not only in Ukraine. Turkey and Egypt are a good alternative. Moreover, they extend the seasonal range for the holidays. So the choice is quite extensive and quite affordable. It suffices to use the Internet and explore the tourist sites. And, of course, need to get acquainted with other tourists on the hotels that during the holiday itself does not get into uncomfortable situations. But before you buy, or tour the tour is desirable to ring in the selected hotel and inquire at the reception predalagemye all hotel services and accommodation, as well as the availability of child menus.

By collecting luggage thoroughly recommend that approach. Compile a list of things that you take on vacation you should start one week before departure, incorporating into it all beach accessories such as trunks and bathing suits and Panama, goggles and a good beach shoes. By offering a part in preparing for your child, you thereby create for him a very entertaining game, maintaining wonderful atmosphere fees.

In the evening on the beach is pretty cool, so you should not rely on the off chance and take warm clothes.

vacations with kids
Going to sunny beaches always needs to think about suntan lotion. In the early days no doubt will need to use high steppe protection (SPF 30, and for the child SPF 40-50), but when a little podzagorite go and SPF 20. Sunbathing with a child standing under an umbrella or under a roof, preferably in the morning (up to 10-11 hours) and late afternoon (after 16 hours). In windy weather, the baby is better to put a tee shirt, because even under a canopy can burn.

Of course, kids need entertainment and this is in advance of trouble. Bring him on a journey favorite toys, coloring books, and markers to make it than dreaming to do while you are sunbathing. But at the hottest time of day, you can fall down a few interesting books and designer.

And finally, you should always be a handy kit. What is there to put? Here are some medicines that suberect you from unpleasant surprises:

– Antipyretic – such as Nurofen and Panadol;
– Intestinal disorders – smectic;
– Proceeds from common cold and cough – pool and any child siropchik cough;
– Hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka and the ointment “Rescue”;
– As well as bandages, cotton wool, and plaster.


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