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7 Most Recommended Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

7 Most Recommended Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

7 Most Recommended Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

7 Most Recommended Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

7 Most Recommended Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

7 Most Recommended Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

Kerala is the most popular honeymoon destination in India. Country of the Gods, Kerala with its vivid landscapes, a network of backwater canals, 5-star resorts, Spa therapies and an unending view of the Andaman Sea attracts the newlyweds for spending quality time under its luxury.

From houseboat cruising in Kumarakom to Lush green tea gardens in Munnar, the state is filled with indulgences that can be both rejuvenating and romantic for the visitors.

The beaches of Kerala with their green meadows, backdrops of Forts, mountains and valleys are covered in white sand and share a glimpse of the mighty Andaman with utmost exquisite.

Be it a rose petal-strewn path to a candlelight dinner setting or just spending quality time at the private beach of a resort – The beaches never fail charm to add a spark of love to your bond.

Here are 7 Beaches to Visit on your Honeymoon in Kerala!

Interested to plan your honeymoon here? Here you go with my best recommendation.

  1. The Epitome of Romance – Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam Beach

The small town of Kovalam in Kerala has all the reasons to invite guests over for a romantic indulgence.

The reason is its stunning Kovalam beach with azure waters, the stretch of coastline, 30m tall lighthouse and the vibe of the beach that speaks of luxury.

Walking on this beach hand in hand with your partner is truly an enigmatic journey you would want to take on your honeymoon in Kerala.

The beach has a host of activities like scuba diving, surfing, banana rides, etc for adventure lovers to embark on an adventurous journey.

The surrounding shacks and restaurants give you reasons enough to spend an entire evening sharing quality time with your partner.

  1. Sneak a cuddle at Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach
Varkala Beach

Like a scene out of a movie, Varkala Beach is one of those free beaches on the side of the cliff where you can sit with your partner on the rocks and enjoy the waves splashing on your legs.

Resting in a utopian environment, this beach in Varkala (near Thiruvananthapuram) gives you a relishing feel to strolling through the coastline.

The paved paths shadowed by palm trees and wet white sands offer a revering experience for the couples to walk in their utter romance.

The line of restaurants, spas and water jets on this beach keep the couple intrigued by new experiences.

The cool sea breeze and the subtle smell of the spices from plantations nearby add to the beauty of the beach too. Booking Kerala Tour Packages beforehand will make your vacation comfortable and hassle-free.

  1. Get romantic at Marari Beach

Mararikulam beach

Had dreams of sitting across a brightly lit wooden dinner table with your partner on a silent beach to spend quality time? This dream of yours can come to life at Marari beach.

One of the less explored beaches in Alappuzha, Marari beach is the ultimate unwinding and rejuvenating invitation.

Untouched by the commercial world the couple can sneak in a lot of me-time walking through the empty beach embracing their love.

There are ayurvedic retreats, yoga centres and luxury resorts around to register with special couple massages and therapies to make your honeymoon a rather luxury experience.

  1. Share those special moments at Kannur Beach

Kannur Beach

The line-up of not one or two but 5 beaches at the Kannur beach coastline is a splendid adventure.

One of the richest beaches in Kerala, this place has a mesmerizing feel which can be felt only when you take a tour of the surroundings.

The romantic ambience, serenity, silence, natural beauty and encompassing feel of Kerala fill up this beach with heavenly goodness.

The sight of the beach will blow your mind. And the perfect way to enjoy the comforts of Kannur beach is to venture out in the sun and soak into the goodness of the beach for a lovely sunset.

  1. Stunning Sunrise at Bekal Beach

Bekal Beach - Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

Ditch the sunset plans and get up early to wander through the stunning coastline of Bekal beach.

21kms from the Kasargod district this beach offers oodles of Kerala’s beauty through its splashes of water, clear beaches and splendid glimpses of nature.

The beach comes to life as the sun’s rays make their appearance on the earth.

Couples can reach the beach before sunrise to watch the hues of the sky change and romanticize on this secluded beach.

The comfort of sitting on the shoreline with your partner and watching the sunrise is an experience of its kind!

  1. Silent Connections of Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach - Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

Break free from the chaos of city life to spend some splendid silent moments with your partner at one of the most luxurious beaches of Kerala.

The Alappuzha beach holds its charm with the presence of the 137 years old piers on the beach that walk from the beach to the sea creating a distinct pattern.

The sunset of Alapuzzha beach is incomparable too. When here the couples can enjoy a boat ride in the sea, and just walk by the beach as the waves splash water on their feet!

Alappuzha is a beautiful place to connect to the backwaters of Kerala, get a houseboat stay experience and also attend the iconic boat race of Kerala.

  1. Dreamland of Somatheeram beach

Somatheeram beach - Beaches to Visit on Your Honeymoon in Kerala India

The paradise of South India – Somatheeram beach isn’t just a luxury beach locale but also a therapeutic destination for the nature lover. It is a wellness destination unfolding the beauty of health, wellness, and romance for honeymooners.

While you can spend time by the beach soaking in the beauty of white sand, clear blue water, and extending blue skies that meet at a horizon with the sea.

The luxury spa retreats, ayurvedic centres, etc by the Somatheeram beach are perfect for a little luxury expedition.

Indulge in ayurvedic massages, therapies, yoga, and meditation sessions to experience the tranquillity of Kerala in the most promising land.

Kerala unfolds serenity and romance for the couples on their honeymoon.

While the resorts do offer private beaches with special dining and romantic set-ups for couples to dive into romance, these stunning beaches have their charm in brewing up a strong connection between two souls!


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