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7 Most Beautiful Gardens In Prague

Beautiful Gardens In Prague

7 Most Beautiful Gardens In Prague

Prague is a place that breaths with history like only a few others in Europe. It is a place of magnificent palaces built by noble families that wanted to have their representative seat in the royal city. And as they wanted to show off their wealth and style, they have equipped these palaces with breathtaking gardens. Decorated by rich flower plantations, glamorous pavilions, and antic statues, the Baroque, Renaissance, and Classical gardens in the Czech Republic’s capital is one of the musts that often stay forgotten by mainstream tourists. Let’s discover together the 7 most beautiful gardens in Prague so you won’t make the same mistake.

Beautiful gardens in Prague

Most Prague gardens are closed during winter, so if you want to enjoy their beauty, you need to plan your visit between April and October. However, the ideal time to come is between June and September, when the gardens play with green leaves and colorful flowers.

Vrtba Garden

Vrtba Garden

Probably the most beautiful garden in Prague, hiding a breathtaking taking view of the Prague Castle and the whole Lesser Town. Built in 1720, it is a great example of an Italian-style Baroque garden, often called the most beautiful of its kind North of the Alps.

It composes of three terraces, each decorated with flowers and well-cut trees, as well as traditional Baroque statues. Above the terraces, you find a small balcony with one of Prague’s most rewarding viewpoints. The garden is accessible from Karmelitska street and the entrance fee is 70 CZK (about 2.5 USD).

Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden

Albrecht of Wallenstein was one of the most famous generals of the 30 years war. To demonstrate his success, he has decided to build himself a huge palace with a garden taking up the place of 25 houses, 7 gardens, a brick kiln, and other land plots. These days, the palace serves as the seat of the Czech Senate, but its garden is freely accessible to visitors, as it was already in the 19th century.

The early Baroque garden spreads across over 1.7 Ha and its construction had been finished in 1630. It’s main dominant is the huge Sala Terrena adjoining the palace, which used to serve as a theatre. The garden has also numerous antic statues, an artificial stalactic cave, a wired aviary with birds, 4 peacocks, and even an artificial pond with an islet, which used to be used for boat rides. Pretty impressive for a garden, isn’t it?

Royal Garden of the Prague Castle

Royal Garden of the Prague Castle

The Royal Garden is the first of the two gardens belonging to the Prague Castle. It is located in the Northern part of the castle complex. This Renaissance beauty was built in the 16th century on a site of former medieval vineyards. Unlike the other gardens on our list, it includes several large representative buildings as the Ball Game Hall or the Lion Court.

Its dominant is, however, the Royal Summer House located in its rear part. Besides some beautiful flower plantations, its best attraction is the great view of the Castle and especially the St. Vitus Cathedral. The entrance to the garden is free of charge.

Southern Gardens of the Prague Castle

The Southern Gardens are the second gardens belonging to the Prague Castle complex. They were established gradually on the location of bulwarks beneath the Prague Castle and finished in the 1920s by the castle architect Josip Plecnik. They are about 500 meters long and consist of the Paradise Garden, the Garden of the Ramparts, and the Hartig Garden.

The Southern Gardens don’t have such beautiful flower decorations as the other gardens on the list. Their main beauty lies in the fact they are located just below the castle windows and thus offer a unique look both at the castle itself and the charming roofs of Prague. They can be accessed either through the entrance near the eastern gate or via a staircase leading down from the third castle yard.

Czernin Palace Garden

Czernin Palace Garden

The Czernin Palace is the seat of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as such, it allows access to its garden only during Weekends. The construction of the palace was ordered by count Jan Cernin of Chudenice in 1660. Having served as royal envoy in Venice, he wanted his home to resemble the most beautiful palaces he knew from Italy.

Unfortunately, the building and the adjacent garden were finished only about a century after his death. Still, today, the garden with its geometrically symmetrical terrace and pool and a beautiful violet pavilion belong among the most charming gardens in Prague.

Palace Gardens under the Prague Castle

The Palace Gardens under the Prague Castle is a complex of five interconnected gardens overlooking the Lesser Town. They are an important part of the Prague Castle panorama and provide one of the most beautiful views over the old city. They were built gradually between the 17th and 19th centuries and as such, they offer a mixture of Baroque, Renaissance, and Classical architectonic styles.

As they lie on the foot of the Prague Castle, their most iconic feature is their cascade structure. Out of the five, my favorites are the Lederbour Garden with its beautiful red yard, and the Great Kolowrat Garden, with its elegant spire. The gardens can be accessed from Valdstejnska street and the entry fee is 100 CZK (about 3.5 USD).

Franciscan Garden

Franciscan Garden

The Franciscan Garden is the only garden on the list that lies in the New Town part of Prague. In fact, it is hidden exactly in the busy city center, just a few dozens of meters from St. Wenceslas Square. Thanks to that, it is a great place to escape the tourist craziness and enjoy a small dose of a green oasis surrounded by tall historical buildings and modern office centers.

Especially the Gothic Church of Virgin Marry of Snow neighboring the 14th-century monastery garden gives it almost a fairytale feeling. The best time for a visit is the beginning of Summer, as the garden gets all pink from blooming roses. You can enter it for free either from Pasaz u Styblu or the Jungmannovo square.

Let me hear from you

Visiting Prague and missing its gardens is like eating a cake and leaving out the cream. Despite being often forgotten beside the classical sites like the Castle, the Charles Bridge, or all the churches, they belong among the most exquisite attractions Prague has to offer. Which of the gardens do you like the most and do you plan to visit some of them during your visit to Prague? Let me know in the comments section.


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