Best Budget Destinations

Best Budget Destinations

Best Budget Destinations: It has been seen that most of our trips get canceled only because they exceed our budget. Not to worry, we have a solution.

Here are the Best Budget Destinations:

Mcleod Ganj

Mcleod Ganj

Being in India, the first attraction is the Himalayas. Not too high, not too low, a place lies in the Himalayas named McLeod Ganj. Lying 9 km uphill from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, McLeod Ganj is only 448km from Delhi. Home to the ancient Tibetan culture, McLeod Ganj has both some breathtaking views of the mountain, affordable lodgings and a very calm environment. There is a trek up along the Bhagshu Falls and the top there is Shiva’s Cafe where you get some really tasty foods.


Jaisalmer Fort

The next thing for which India may be noted for is its culture, tales of valor, its Kings. Apart from the invading Mughal culture, India had its Rajput Kings in the west among the deserts. They have created some of magnificent constructions turning the deserts into magical kingdoms. The Havelis or the forts are as magnificent as the stories behind them. It is best connected with Delhi. Lodgings in Jaisalmer is cheap and abundant. There are some places to visit like the Sonar Kella from Satyajit Ray’s Feluda.



The southern part of India, mostly Kerala is a unique part of India. Culture, beauty, food and landscape, all are very different, very beautiful from the rest of India. Apart from Kochi and Trivandrum, you can stay at Kottayam. Else, it is very well connected by road with Bangalore. The bus ride from Kerala to Bangalore goes through the Bandipur Forest which you will generally cross during the night. A good experience. Alleppey is the place where the backwaters meet the Arabian Sea. Overall, Kerala is very cheap and mostly noted, very clean.


Pondicherry Tourism

From Kerala, places in Tamil Nadu are not well connected by bus. So, if you are in any place in Tamil Nadu, you must visit Pondicherry. One of the Indian territories of India, Pondicherry is mostly noted for The Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Pondicherry, being a Union territory, bars, cafe, restaurants, alcohol, and food is pretty cheap. You can hire a bicycle or a scooter and can ride around Pondicherry and especially Marine drive. A great experience will be if you can book for your stay at Auroville. The booking generally has a rush and you have to try at least some months before your trip.


Hampi Sightseeing

Hampi is in Karnataka. So it’s best connected with Bangalore. A budget gateway for the weekend, Hampi must be visited for its historic monuments and astonishing landscapes. There are ruins of temples and palaces, taking you back to some centuries before. Hampi presents a very calm atmosphere. There are many places where you can take a walk like Vithala Temple, Sanapur lake, Virupaksha temple, and the Elephant Stables. The lodgings in Hampi are pretty cheap, the cheapest mode to travel from Bangalore is by train.

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