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Best cities to eat Italian food in South America

Best cities to eat Italian food in South America

Among the most sought-after cuisines around the world is Italian cuisine which is available around the world in a variety of restaurants. South Americans are not left behind in their love for Italian food and this is evident in the Italian restaurants that are found in various cities around the continent.

These restaurants have an extensive menu that gives visitors an opportunity to sample a wide variety of food that is exclusively Italian. Even if you’re not getting a luxury Tuscany villa for rent this vacation, you can still enjoy some amazing cuisine on this continent. Here are the best cities to experience a taste of Italy in South America:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires - Best cities to eat Italian food in South America

The city of Buenos Aires is a haven for those who love Italian cuisine as the restaurants that offer such a menu are many and located in different parts of the city. Majority of the travelers to the city visit restaurants such as Piegari, La Parolaccia, and La Brigada among others that offer good service at all times.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

The capital city of Brazil is a popular destination for many people that love Italian cuisine and thus the presence of restaurants that offer such food is most welcome. These restaurants are known for their excellent service and their menus that have a lot of variety in terms of meals. Some of the popular Italian restaurants in Rio De Janeiro include Quadrucci, Forneria Sao Sebastiao, and Fratelli among others.

Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo - Best cities to eat Italian food in South America

The city of Trujillo also plays host to a number of restaurants that have Italian cuisine as the major part of their menu. There eating places may not be too many but the ones that do offer this cuisine are known for the astounding meals that they offer. When in Trujillo check out, La Toscana and Restaurant Demarco are the most popular because of their excellent service to locals as well as visitors.

Santiago, Chile


Eating Italian food in Chile has been made much easier with the presence of many eating places that specialize in the cuisine. These restaurants can be found all around Santiago and only need a bit of research before they are located. Some of the ones that are well known to tourists who visit the area include Nolita, La Piccola Italia, and Rivoli among others. These eating places provide Italian meals that are made from indigenous ingredients to provide the right flavor to the food.

Rosario, Argentina

Rosario - Best cities to eat Italian food in South America

Italian food is enjoyable at any time of the day, so as tourists explore the city of Rosario they are also able to indulge in the variety of meals that are on offer in various restaurants. Some of the best and worth checking out include La cantina de Bruno, Haras, and II Nonno Mario which have had very many great reviews about them.

Overall, South America offers its visitors through Italian food an opportunity to enjoy Italy within the continent thus enhancing their experience much more than they would have anticipated when planning for their trip.


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