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Best Green Cities in America to Live in

Best Green Cities in America to Live in

Best Green Cities in America to Live in

Best Green Cities in America to Live in

Green Cities in America

Best Green Cities in America to Live in

Best Green Cities in America to Live in

We all know by now that a significant number of people live today in big cities, urban areas where the pulse of life is highly intense and vibrant. This trend will continuously increase for the next years, as more and more people tend to migrate and live in urban environments.

Therefore, the impact of green spaces in urban cities will be highly important, but they are likely to become the subject of exploitation, so it is important to encourage and support any kind of green initiative. However, the benefits of living in a green city are endless, because you can find more parks and green spaces to escape and relax from everyday routine, better and fresh air, increased health or a better community spirit.

If you aim for a healthier planet and you want to live in a green city that supports this idea, then America is a land with lots of eco-cities to living in. Thus, we have a recommended list of the best 5 green American cities you would want to move there.

  1. Austin, Texas

Things To Do In Austin

If there’s a city in America that is renowned for keeping green spaces and sustaining a healthy planet, that’s Austin in Texas. You can make a first impression of this green city starting with the first entrance where you can easily observe beautiful parks, luxuriant gardens, and more eco-friendly places. Aside from these outstanding landscapes, you can also discover scenic images, friendly people, high quality plus the low cost of living that make Austin a city to always come back and event stay. Moreover, this place is known for accepting dogs and offering shops, attractions, parks, or even dining spots.

There are lots of reasons to relocate to Austin, including the best bike trails available, a wide range of new restaurant openings, eateries, bistros, many famous film studios, or sports.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu Museum of Art

If you’ve been dreaming about this place for a while, maybe it’s time to consider relocating here, because Honolulu isn’t only famous for a great climate, beaches, or clear water. It’s also a perfect location to travel and live in for its fresh air and pollution-free environment, being considered one of the greenest cities in the United States. Moreover, the city receives support from many organizations or institutions that decided to join and maintain the green state by offering green activities and programs to all residents. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu is a cosmopolitan yet amazing city to live in with friendly locals, outdoor activities, shopping, and markets that add a green vision. Needless to say that local authority contributes to more laws and special programs to keep Honolulu a clean and green city.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago On Budget

The third best American city to settle and enjoy the green side is the famous Chicago. While this metropolitan area is populated with impressive skyscrapers like many other US cities, Chicago is definitely concerned about keeping a green environment for its locals by investing in energy-saving programs, sustainability programs, or waste management. All of these initiatives are directed toward the purpose to become a greener country in the future. If you decide to move here, there are plenty of things to do such as street festivals, cinemas, great food and restaurants, shops, and others.


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