Best Homestays in Chikmagalur

Best Homestays in Chikmagalur for your perfect Staycation

If you are looking for those best homestays in chikmagalur , we got you the list of perfect staycation in this post. Chikmagalur is a popular weekend vacation spot located in the Western region of Karnataka. The place is encircled by some of the most alluring waterfalls, majestic mountains, dense and green forests, and many abodes of god. 

The land is full of scenic coffee plantations spread in acres of grounds. Trekkers from all around the country come to indulge in the breathtaking views and seek the trekking experience on the Chikmagalur Peak, i.e., Karnataka’s most gigantic peaks.

The place is considered to be the min of rich history and culture of Karnataka.  To make your experience worthwhile, take a few day trips and choose to stay at home stays instead of hotels. Homestays are the best way to find a new home in a new place and to experience a home away from home. 

The below list of the best Homestay in Chikmagalur can help you the ideal place to stay, which fits your budget and requirements.

1. Ancestral Homestay

 Ancestral Homestay

Nestled in the middle of the lush green forest of Malnad, this ancestral homestay is more than 360 years old. This is a famous homestay in Chikmagalur, close to a connecting region of Tarikere and Chikmagalur. You can explore some of the most exclusive homely Malnad dishes at this homestay.

The home has been dwelt by the six generations of the Royal family.   This homestay is a royal abode. The Ancestral Homestay offers gorgeous views of coffee plantations, aromatic land of black pepper creepers, and lush green forests.


2. Karadigundi Estate Homestay

Karadigundi Estate Homestay

Chikmagalur is a vibrant land full of all the wonders of nature.  To experience Chikmagalur at its best, there is no better choice than Karadigundi Estate Homestay.

Situated in the 40 acres of coffee plantations of Western Ghats of Karnataka, Karadigundi Estate Homestay is surrounded by lush valleys, beautiful hills, and stunning streams.

You can enjoy the soothing smell of fresh coffee all around. Monsoon is the best time to visit here as the place turns all the more beautiful. Karadigundi Estate Homestay is the best place away from the constant hustle-bustle of city life if you are seeking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


3. Premium Heritage Homestay

Premium Heritage Homestay - Best Homestays in Chikmagalur

Premium Heritage Homestay appears as 60’s style bungalow with glorious yet realistic décor. The homestay is found close to the Western Ghats in the Chikmagalur District.

The Premium Heritage Homestay boasts of the mixed aroma of fruits, pepper, and coffee from the Robusta coffee plantations, vast fruit gardens, and pepper vines. The homestay is a large house with multiple rooms with stunning interiors, gorgeous silhouettes, and astonishing views.


4. Forest Homestay – Maradi

Forest Homestay – Maradi

If you are looking for a budget-friendly homestay, then Forest Homestay in the Maradi village is one the best homestays in Chikmagalur for you. The house is surrounded by the coffee plantations and offers the scenic views of the Western ghats and wild orchid gardens.

You can have a great time by taking long walks in the village region, admiring the gorgeous streams flowing around.

5. Shanthi Kunnj Homestay

Shanthi Kunnj Homestay - Best Homestays in Chikmagalur

Shanthi Kunnj is considered to be one of the best homestays in the Chikmagalur region of Karnataka. You can look at and enjoy a stay at a wide range of quirky cottages in this area, such as a glasshouse. The glasshouse is situated just above the Bhadra River, offering some of the fantastic views. The host, Carol, is super-friendly.

6. Thippanahalli Homestay

Thippanahalli Homestay

Found amidst the hills of Chikmagalur, Thippanahalli is a ravishing heritage bungalow known for its top-notch services. The house overlooks the coffee plantations and stunning hills located at a distance. The hosts are an adorable couple who ensures you feel at ease. Together, Thippanahalli Homestay is a beautiful and comfortable place making it a perfect family house.

7. Nature Craft Homestay

Nature Craft Homestay - Best Homestays in Chikmagalur

Overlooking the stunning plantations of coffee and pepper, Nature Craft is a home for nature lovers. The house boasts of its large windows, elegant & clean décor, and light country vibes. Ansar, the host, has a fantastic family that ensures your stay is as comfortable as possible. The finger-licking delicious home-cooked meals offered at the Nature Craft Homestay makes it one of the best Homestay in Chikamagalur.  You can trust me on that.

8. Clover Leaf Homestay

Clover Leaf Homestay

Clover leaf is the ideal stay for you if you love the misty backgrounds and lush greenery around you. There are a few houses, so if you are looking for a group experience, this is the best Homestay in Chikamagular. The host is super-friendly and offers delicious home-cooked meals to enhance the homely feeling.

If you are with kids and wish to have some fun with your young ones, you can find an adventure camp just a kilometre away from the homestay. The house has a vast and safe parking space for all the vehicles. 

9. Devigiri Homestay

Devigiri Homestay - Best Homestays in Chikmagalur

 Overlooking the lush green range of Baba Budangiri, Devigiri is one of the best kept natural homestays in the area. This is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for cheap homestays in the Chikmagalur region of Karnataka.

Devigiri Homestay offers astonishing views of 50 acres of coffee estates and the Western Ghats. If you wish the experience the country life, Devigiri Homestay will be an ideal choice.

10. The Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley is a perfect choice for a couple seeking a quiet retreat from the busy city life. Located at a quiet and secluded place just across the beautiful pond, The Hidden Valley makes a fantastic romantic spot.

You can sight wildlife as well in this 30 acres vast coffee plantation such as rabbits, wild chickens, turkey, and ducks. The host takes you on a long walk with his dog. The house offers a caring and loving environment, which is its secret of success.

At a glance:

People are often confused while choosing the ideal accommodation for them as they are not sure of requirements. All they know is the clinching budget and the location. The process of choosing a homestay becomes tedious under such circumstances.

Here is a quick tip: Always make a checklist of your Homestay requirements and expectations. The list makes the process quick and confusing. All you need is to match your checklist from the offerings of the homestays. Therefore, we have curated the list of some of the ten best homestays in Chikmagalur to make the process less cumbersome.

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