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Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

A Guide To The Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Thanks to the many kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, you can now bring your family as you go on your vacation in Vegas. Contrary to what many people think, Vegas is not an entirely adult-themed city only.

Nothing can be compared to vacation with your family in Las Vegas. This should not be a problem for you at all, since there are many kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. Unlike many hotels on the Vegas Strip, they are established with the ultimate goal of offering something new that appeals to families with children.

Kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas- Essential elements that create happy vacations.

Carrying children on vacation can be overwhelming. You will be surprised how children on vacation have special needs and want those needs to be satisfied. When you get the best hotels, you will probably hear more of ‘what is the next destination?’ and less of ‘I miss home.

With the many kid-friendly hotels in Vegas, traveling with your kid is both practical and comfortable. You can easily get luxurious hotels by first listing your family’s needs. Below are factors to consider when choosing the best Las Vegas kid-friendly hotel.

  • Great grounds for great, spacious, and safe explorations that will let their imaginations run wild. All children love exploring; from watching wildlife to a stone circle.
  • Check whether the hotel has a refrigerator for storing breast milk, availability of cribs and high seats, well-fitted electrical outlets, sunscreen, and bumper guards on sharp corners.
  • If you don’t plan to go with your nanny, there are hotels that offer nanny services. The nanny will perform duties like preparing the baby meals, evening babysitting, and daily supervision. In cases where the parents are not comfortable leaving their babies with the caregivers, many hotels will offer kid listening amenities in all bedrooms. The parents can therefore listen from their room while the baby is napping. However, many kid-friendly Las Vegas hotels don’t recommend parents leaving the building while the system is in use.
  • Get inter-joined rooms. Most of the contemporary family-oriented hotels have a huge range of interconnected rooms. This gives the adult and older kids privacy while the smaller kids feel safe with their parents too close at hand.
  • Holidays are busy moments for children especially if the hotels have interesting grounds to explore. The children will require a snack from time to time while the parents would like to unwind with a drink and delicious food.
  • Many teenagers will appreciate Internet connection

Circus-circus – The best kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas

Circus-circus - Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

Circus-circus tops the Las Vegas hotels kid-friendly list with its elegant indoor theme park that is filled with attention-grabbing thrill rides. The hotel features regular free circus action all day over the midway which has thirty-three carnival games. Besides that, the hotel is invitingly decorated; all remodeled rooms promise convenience and maximum comfort that you expect from any sophisticated Vegas hotel. The 11,513.3 square meters hotel and casino are located on the strip in Winchester, Nevada.

According to customer reviews, this is the best place on the 4 Mile Strip to stay if you have kids. Other features include generous parking, accommodating staff and it is a smoke-free zone. This is also the ideal place for those traveling on a tight budget; it is one of the cheap accommodation options on the strip.

Mandalay Bay/Four Seasons

Mandalay Bay - Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay

On the iconic Strip of Vegas lies Four Seasons Hotel, a kid-friendly hotel Las Vegas. The rooms are classy, spacious while customer care service is superb.

The biggest draw is the pool (8000 square feet) with many shady options made of chaise reclining seats with arbor covers, cold towels, eye-catching cucumber slices, healthy fruits, and Evian misting; this is because many Las Vegas hotels force one to sit in the scorching sun all day. One can also get a shady spot free of charge at Mandalay Bay. For your family dining experience; the Veranda offers a chic and modern setting for your meals. This kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas features Charlie Palmer, a celebrity chef whose culinary ability churns great food that is good for all ages.

Amenities include high-speed Internet connection, mini-bars, daily newspaper, overnight shoeshine, stunning children’s amenities, and services.

Venetian – Las Vegas kid-friendly hotels

Venetian - Las Vegas kid-friendly hotels
Venetian – Las Vegas kid-friendly hotels

Every chief Vegas guidebook for Las Vegas kid-friendly hotels recommends the Venetian as one of the best kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. This integrated resort is a premier destination for travel fanatics. The resort is located between Harrah’s and The Palazzo, east of the famous 4 mile Strip. They have raised the excellence bar in the industry; providing an intimate atmosphere, incomparable guest service, the popular Madame Tussauds, and indoor and outdoor Gondola Rides. The five-star luxury hotel and casino also host the Deep Stack Extravaganza tournament show, one of the world’s most renowned poker tournaments.

The Venice, Italy-inspired hotel has Guggenheim Hermitage Museum that was opened within the resort’s premises. Blue Man Theater and the new Paris Opera House-styled Movie Theater are also found here.


flamingo hotel las vegas
flamingo hotel las vegas

Flamingo is no doubt one most kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas. It is located in Paradise, Las Vegas strip. This resort is architecturally themed with great artworks and a streamlined modern style. It also houses wildlife like flamingos.


Excalibur - Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas

The exterior medieval castle look is enough to excite children even before they enter the hotel. Excalibur has always been one of the best kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas with great kids’ arcades known as Fun Dungeon Arcade. In addition, the exhibit ‘Tournament of Kings’ is very appealing for children who love jousting and fireworks. Excalibur is also the home of Thunder from Down under.

Located on the Tropicana Las Vegas Boulevard intersection, the resort is interconnected to the neighboring casinos by overhead pedestrian bridges. The rooms are clean and stylish and they all provide a good view of the Strip. This is also the place to stay if this is your first Vegas family visit. It is one of the best vegan kid-friendly hotels if your children love SpongeBob Rides, Mirage with its Secret Garden, Wildlife Habitat, and Polar express.


stratosphere hotel las vegas
stratosphere hotel las vegas

If you are looking for one of the greatest kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, look no further than the Stratosphere resort. You will never go wrong with this resort in regard to family pleasure. This hotel is found on Las Vegas Boulevard, north of the strip.

The signature attraction is the 350-meter tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States of America. It is also the tallest tower west of the Mississippi River. There are robust desks (indoor and outdoor) for the clear observation that provide you with an elegant and panoramic view of the city.

The Stratosphere has six restaurants. This hotel oozes luxury from every pore; the coziness and interior décor of the rooms create a fantasy that the resort is somehow secluded from the rest of the Sin City life and attractions. It offers extraordinary and cheap dining experiences. This is one of the kid-friendly Vegas hotels where your children consume sumptuous meals at a reasonable cost. Some of the regular cuisines that you can look forward to including Italian, Mexican, and Chinese. You will also find salad bars, a carving station, and a dessert station.

Red Rock Casino Resort; family-friendly Vegas hotel

Red Rock Casino Resort - Best Kid-friendly Hotels In Las Vegas
Red Rock Casino Resort

Originally constructed as a local gambling center, Red Rock Casino Resort is one the best kid-friendly hotels in Vegas that provide guests with expedient rooms, excellent swimming facilities, beautiful dining experiences, and fine spa facilities.

Kids can always catch a movie at the full movie cinema and the Children’s Quest. The latter is a place that is made to bring out the best in the kid’s mental ability. Living in Red Rock Casino Resort will be very educational to the little ones.

There are numerous things to see and activities to enjoy in the city. We will help you book the best kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. This is the only assurance of avoiding disappointment with your decision to visit the city with your family.


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