Best Shopping Cities

10 Best Shopping Cities

Shopaholics everywhere are prepared to be wowed by these top-tier shopping destinations! If you live to shop, why not vacation to shop? Around you world, you can find the best in fashion and fun in the retail capitals of the world. Check these ten cities off your bucket list and visit the world’s best shopping epicenters.


Dubai - Best Shopping Cities

An unexpected mix of Middle Eastern traditionalism and Western edginess, Dubai is the best place in Arabia to hit the mall. In fact, there are literally dozens of malls to hit! Each one has its own particular flavor. The Dubai Mall has a gigantic fish tank. Mall of the Emirates has an indoor snow play area. City Centre Mirdif is lined with palm trees- inside the building. And Mercato Mall is designed to make you feel like you’re shopping in an airy outdoor village, although it is, of course, fully enclosed and protected from the burning heat outside. All of the malls are filled with luxurious items as well as high fashion that people from any culture can enjoy.

New York

New York City - Best Shopping Cities

New York, New York! There’s nowhere quite like this bustling mass of humanity housed in record-breaking skyscrapers. New York attracts tourists for its food, fun, and history, but it also draws in millions of eager shoppers every year. Fifth Avenue is the place to shop for luxury clothing and other items in the big city. If you’re not going for high price tags, you can still enjoy a shopping experience in Times Square or any of the other major shopping centers in the city, like Manhattan Mall or the shops at Columbus Circle.


Experience Tokyo on a Budget

Tokyo’s shopping scene is famous for its anime offerings, but there is so much more to Japan’s greatest city than that alone. You can find high fashion, trendy accessories, and cutting-edge technology in the shops of Tokyo. The shopping options seem endless! You can shop for electronics or enjoy entertainment at Shinjuku, shop for youth fashion at Shibuya, or get your classy luxe on at Ginza. If you want to experience a more traditional marketplace, check out Nihonbashi, where you’ll find cultural crafts and other traditional goods.


Visiting London on a Budget - Best Shopping Cities

London is famous for its extensive history, its culture, and its shopping. There are several districts to shop with you’re on the British Isle. Check out Oxford Street for flagship stores and designer outlets. Or, head to Covent Garden for your jewelry (or chocolate!) fix. If those aren’t your style, Knightsbridge is filled with department stores and super-trendy band stores. For the fashion-forward man, Savile Row is just can provide just the outfitters that you’re looking for.


Things You Must Do In Paris

Few will argue that Paris is the ultimate fashion epicenter of the world. It has been for centuries and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Not only can you find the typical high-end fashion and (gasp) scandalously fancy lingerie boutiques, but you’ll also discover the delight of shopping at quirky food and book shops. There is something for everyone in the City of Love!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Best Shopping Cities

LA has it all. The diverse amalgam of global culture that makes up Los Angeles has created an eclectic shopping scene. You can find everything from artsy chocolates to valuable antiques and everything in between! Each neighborhood has its own style when it comes to shopping. Little Japan and Chinatown both offer products with Asian roots, while Culver City Arts District and Culver Arts District each display a separate take on modern arts in-store display windows.



Moscow lies where East meets West, and the blend of these two worlds is evident in the shopping attractions. One of the oldest shopping malls in Moscow is the Gum, a 100-year-old building full of retail outlets along with arts, entertainment, and dining. Nautilus, a mall in the heart of Moscow, offers the best of Russian fashion, from furs to jewelry. For a shopping experience geared toward the whole family, Mega is a great place to spend the day. It has the usual Russian chains in addition to popular Western stores, like IKEA and Starbucks.


Places to Visit in Milan

Italy is even more fashion-forward than London and Paris. In fact, by the time styles hit the shelves in these two cities, they were already so last year for Milan fashionistas. For Prada and other luxury labels, visit Via Della Spiga and Via Manzoni. If these stores aren’t quite within the range of your budget, you can get the Milan elites’ cast-offs at second-hand stores throughout the city. Even the wardrobe rejects here is high fashion!


Places to Visit in Rome

When you’re not gazing at the remains of the great Roman Empire or tasting authentic Italian dishes, your trip to Rome needs to be filled with the exquisite shopping that the city has to offer. Visit Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps for Gucci and Armani, or just hang out and watch the rich and famous do their shopping. For shops closer to the average tourists’ budget, try Via Cola di, Rienzo. You’ll find a rare department store, nice clothing shops, and delicious food here. For the thrifty shopper, Porto Portese Flea Market is a fun way to while away a lazy Sunday in Rome.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

You can find anything and everything in Hong Kong. Every brand-name retail store has a representative shop here, and local stores are also very popular with tourists and residents alike. On top of the trendy stuff, you’ll also find great bargain shops and even antique shops with items from Hong Kong’s fascinating history.

Whether you’re a high fashion aficionado or a bargain shopping addict, you will find your bliss in these great cities. Pick the one that matches your style or make a tour of several. Happy shopping!

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