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Best travel books- explore the unknown

Best travel books- explore the unknown

Best travel books- explore the unknown

Best travel books- explore the unknown

Best travel books

Best travel books- explore the unknown

Best travel books- explore the unknown

Best travel books: Travel books offer a wonderful experience of knowing he advantages and disadvantages of a place and the best things to exact after getting there. It includes the typical weather, festivals, landmarks, their culture and other significant events. It is really fascinating to traverse the globe through books. There are different kinds of travellers who cater to explore based on their different taste such as:

Cultural adventure – Best travel books

Cultural adventure is best suited for the travellers those who are interested in participating in the cultural extravaganza of a chosen destination. These books are written with season and time bound events and the details provided make it an ideal selection for the travellers.

Thrilling adventure

These books mainly elaborate details about a wide range of adventure travel destinations. The famous book on adventure mainly deals with the wildlife safaris of Africa and expeditions of Antarctica. Both these places provide a thrilling experience and has in depth unknown regions yet to be explored. Travellers need to know about the surroundings and threats around before travelling there.

Recreational – Best travel books

Recreational adventures are done for refreshing the mind and can be done at any time of the year. It is not limited by geographic boundaries. Travelling to amusement parks and into the lap of nature across the world is mentioned in the recreational travel books. It holds information about the treasure nature has in it and the places to avail best deals.

The Best travel books may be replaced by electronic media in this present modern era, yet exclusive books on travel would never go out of style. The advantage of having knowledge, thoughts and experience in the written form provides a chance for long term reading and this literature may be preserved for centuries. The names of such books are mentioned below.

  1. The beach by Alex Garland-Published in 1996

It is a remarkable story of the protagonist Richard, who was in search of a peaceful and virgin beach. But when he came across such a beach his search stays incomplete. The author of the book has literally given a glimpse of the tourism of Thailand.

  1. Down under by Bill Bryson

Down under, a travelogue by Bill Bryson was published in the year 2000 is an amazing story of his journey by car and train through Australia. He explores the cultural life of the locality and had conversation on various topics. If anybody is heading for a trip to Australia then do read this book for an idea about the smallest continent.

Around India in 80 trains by Monisha Rajesh-Published in 2012

India is a place of varied interesting and exotic places. This book is one of the most inspiring best travel books which tell a story about the life changing journey of the author. She completed the journey in four months from Delhi to Mumbai and then to Kanyakumari. Thus she shared her experience in this book describing the incidents and how she got inspired from her adventure.

Into the wild

Into the wild

It is a story of a young man, Christopher Johnson McCandless who hitch-hiked to Alaska and then stepped into the wild at the north of Mt. McKinley. He gave his savings to charity, abandoned his possessions, burned his cash and created a different life for himself. His life experience teaches us to chase our dreams in a wise manner.

A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

Bill Bryson is an amazing author who narrates his travel experience in an entertaining manner. The Appalachian Trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine in America is enriched with mountains, forests and lakes. He introduces us to the ecology and history of the majestic area. It is a classic story of the great outdoor adventures which will create a live vision in front while reading.

Tales of female nomad-living at large in the world

It is a travelling experience of an ordinary woman who left her home at the age of forty eight to explore her dream. In 1986, Rita sold her possessions to become a nomad and came to the village of Mexico. She spent her life within the wild, sometimes residing in the forest and sometimes thatched huts.

All these selected ones are the best travel books and inspirations for us to rediscover our life. Let us activate the hidden spirit that gets buried after we get busy in our daily routine.

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