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the best travel cameras

the best travel cameras

the best travel cameras

the best travel cameras

Choosing the best travel cameras

the best travel cameras

Choosing the best travel cameras

Your passion for travelling is not complete without a digital camera. Taking pictures have become an integral part while going on a trip or vacation to capture the moments. So cameras come first when you arrange for your travel kit. With so many options to choose from you have to consider several features before making a purchase. For the average travellers, a big fancy camera is overkill. The big and bulky cameras are equipped with several features that most of the people may not use. Therefore it is best to select high end compact cameras which possess the right features and size at a reasonable price. Let us have a look on the factors that decide the best travel cameras.

Image quality

More than any other parameters, this is the most important thing to look for when buying a camera. Never try to assume that a brand name lens or more megapixels produce great image results. To judge the image qualities just use the flickr and search for all the images by a particular camera model and then compare it with others.


More megapixels do not mean it is better. However cameras with more megapixels on a larger sensor will give higher detailing and allow the image to crop without reducing its quality. That means you can get the images printed at any size before it get distorted.

Zooming range

It is a personal preference that how much you want the zooming range. A zoom lens helps us in getting closer to the action. Especially if you are going to shoot wildlife then you need to check the range of zoom. And mind it, that optical zoom is always better than digital zoom.


For most travellers nowadays getting faster and they want to travel with a light backpack. No one wants to carry heavy and bulky gear specially when trekking. Big DSLRs need a huge space or a separate bag for themselves as the lenses are bigger. So it is suggested to carry a less compact and portable camera for an ideal trip.

Camera lens

The aperture of lens is measured in f numbers such as f/1.4, f/2.8 etc.  It should be kept in mind that if you want your cameras to perform well in low light situations then go for lower number. Lower the lens aperture number better the quality.

These parameters would provide you an idea about selecting the best travel cameras. Different cameras have strengths and weaknesses according to the purpose you are using them for. The quality that we want in a camera is as follows:

  • Portability
  • Professional best image quality
  • Weatherproofing
  • Reasonable price
  • Shooting for adventure or people

But all the above qualities are rarely found inside one single camera. There are varieties of travel cameras available in stores with wide range of options.

Option 1- point and shoot cameras

These are pocket sized cameras with huge number of features suitable for them who want good manual settings. The sensor is smaller but the price is comparatively high. These cameras are a fantastic mixture of portability, budget friendly and power. Sony RX 100 and canon G7 are good examples of point and shoot cameras.

Option 2- action cameras

Action cameras have been specially designed for epic videos and photos of the travel experience. It has an amazing quality to record different motions while you are hiking or biking, scuba diving or kayaking. If you planning for under water swimming then action cameras are the best to shoot the moment. It is waterproof, versatile and lightweight. GoPro hero 6 is best who are addicted to adventure.

Option 3- mirror less cameras

These are a bit larger than the point and shoot cameras and smaller than the DSLRs. These possess more features than the above type of cameras such as large sensor, interchangeable lens and nice detailing of images. Sony A6500 and Fujifilm X- T2 are examples of such cameras that have a classic style and these are great deals.

The above options are suitable enough to shoot travel images other than the digital SLR cameras. However the Nikon D3400 and Canon 80D are quite popular travel DSLR cameras for travel. Now you are knowledgeable enough to choose the best one that fits your need.

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