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Black Forest Germany

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Black Forest Germany Offer Many Beautiful Holiday Area

Do you know the black forest and have you ever eat it? It cake is very delicious and the color is brown. Even though, in this article, it refers to an area in Germany that has many beautiful tourist objects. Where is the black forest in Germany located? Well, it located in the southwest of Germany and it is bordered by Rhine Valley in the west and south. It is a wooden mountain in Baden Wurttemberg city.

Kinds of Tourist Objects in Black Forest Germany

Kinds of Tourist Objects in Black Forest Germany

People can try to go to the black forest in as the new trip when they get a holiday. There are many tourist places with amazing scenery and cool. Natural tourism is offered there like an old farmhouse, traditional or classic wineries, river, waterfall, and lake. People can visit some places such as Freiburg, Calw, Gengenbach, the Belchen, Schluchsee, Triberg Waterfalls, the Gorge (the River of Watch), and so on.

Indeed it has natural scenery and classic style but the black forest in Germany also offers others choice. They have Staufan castle, wine village, vineyard, traditional custom, and the rest. People keep able to stay in a hotel or in-villa where they are built in the middle of the farm. For five-star hotel has a simple design and it has a lower price for your family. Also, they offer local color for the room but they did not provide air-conditioning.

How to Go to the Black Forest in Germany?

Do not be worry about how you can go there because black forest information will guide you. First, you quite fly to Germany then you can go here by taxi, train, or travel agent. Access to reach that place is not difficult and fast because the Germany government makes many good roads. The black Forest region is a tourist place that offers wonderful scenery, culinary, natural, classic, and modern situations.





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