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Bodhgaya India Tour

Bodhgaya India Tour

Bodhgaya India Tour


Bodhgaya India Tour

Bodhgaya India Tour

Where is Bodhgaya?

Bodhgaya is located at a distance of 7 miles south of Gaya in the state of Bihar. It is one of the most visited pilgrimage centres of the Indian subcontinent.

How will you gain access?

Patna Airport (105 km) is the closest airport. Newly operated Gaya International Airport has direct flights connecting the place to Bangkok and Kolkata. Gaya, 16 km from Bodhgaya, is the nearest railway station. Buses are available to Bodhgaya from Gaya, Patna and some other places of Bihar.

What does it signify?

Bodhgaya attracts devotees and visitors in huge number from all across the globe. It is the very place where Lord Buddha gained enlightenment. Here Buddha came to realize the unknown and the unseen, finally attaining Gyan (Enlightenment). The place is the most sacred pilgrimage centre in the country. Two and a half centuries after the enlightenment, the great Buddhist emperor Ashoka visited the place and erected the Mahabodhi Temple. According to the tradition, King Ashoka got a diamond-throne shrine built at the spot canopied by four pillars over a stone that represents the Seat of Enlightenment.

What beckons devotees?

The Bodhi Tree

Bodhi Tree - Bodhgaya India Tour

The Bodhi Tree is very significant religiously as Buddha meditated for seven days under the tree without moving from his seat. The present Peepal tree is believed to be a descendant of the first original tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Seeds brought from the ancient Bodhgaya tree have given rise to a number of sacred trees both in India and outside.

The Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple

The Mahabodhi temple is a fine example of architectural brilliance but very little is known about it. It showcases a beautiful collection of the relics of Buddha. The basement of the temple is in the shape of a square, measuring 15 metres both in length and breadth. And the temple rises up to a height of 52 metres above the square-shaped platform. There are four beautiful towers at the four corners. Myriad of tourists and devotees from all around pour into the place to pay homage to this sacred sight.

The Vajrasana

Vajrasana - Bodhgaya India Tour

The Vajrasana represents the site where Lord Buddha performed his penance. This spot is looked upon as the centre of the universe. There are seven shrines that are dedicated to the spots where he spent seven weeks. These shrines have been built by pious Buddhists from numerous countries.

The Dharma Chakra

Dharma Chakra

There are built here several Tibetan, Japanese and Burmese monasteries. The Dharma Chakra or the ‘Wheel of Law’ is housed by the Tibetan monastery. The Chakra has its own religious significance to the devotees.

The Jewel Walk

Jewel Walk - Bodhgaya India Tour
Jewel Walk

The Jewel Walk is represented by a platform decorated with eighteen carved lotuses. It is the site where Lord Buddha walked up and down during the second week after he gained enlightenment.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit is between October and March.

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