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Bora-Bora Island

Bora-Bora Island

Bora-Bora Island

Bora-Bora Island

Bora-Bora Island

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bora-Bora Island

Bora-Bora Island

If you want to spend your holiday with unforgettable great experience, undoubtedly you have to visit Bora-Bora Island located in the south of Pacific Ocean, this tiny marvelous island is one of the Leeward groups in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. Moreover, about Bora Bora Island, you have to know that it is a very real paradise, surrounded by wonderful lagoon aquamarine that makes your eyes will be dazzled and unbelievable, a dormant volcano in the center of the island looks like a huge black rock becomes a beautiful background for every blue sea.

Nowadays Bora-Bora Island has the top position as a tourism destination. There are many resorts and restaurants are built on the island, definitely on motu (islets around the lagoon aquamarine). The first idea comes from Hotel Bora-Bora which was built above the water and it made a very big impression from visitors of Bora Bora Island. Then, the great idea becomes a standard building for any bungalows or resorts in Bora-Bora Island. However, Bora Bora Island is a costly holiday getaway and it is a line with all the gorgeous scenery that this island offered. It is right that you have to save much money first to get into Bora-Bora Island.

Below 4 reasons why should go to Bora-Bora Island:

why should go to Bora-Bora Island

  1. Despite it is a very expensive holiday, you can enjoy Bora Bora Island without any disappointment. Scuba diving, windsurfing, and snorkeling in the lagoon is the most recommended feature in Bora Bora vacation, you can give eat for sharks and rays, but you have to remember not to go far away from a guide.
  2. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the districts, you can still walk around and enjoying the districts such as Vaitape, Anau, and Faanui, using bicycles or rental cars or small cars for a couple. You are allowed to speak in English yet it will be a double advantage if you can speak Tahitian or French.
  3. This island is the best place for honeymoon. Having a romantic moment at private bungalows over-the-water and dinner around the lagoon.
  4. If you want to hike, there is also Mount Otemanu which has wonderful stunning vista.

To go to Bora-Bora Island from Tahiti, you can ride Air Tahiti which has daily flights five or six times to Bora-Bora Airport. The plane will take you to go to Motu Mete in the north of Bora Bora Island. Then you can go to any other islets of Bora-Bora Island. Now, what are you waiting for? Have a very marvelous experience and unforgettable moment at Bora Bora Island.


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