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Bornholm Island- The Summer Destination of Denmark

Bornholm Island

Bornholm Island- the Summer Destination of Denmark

Nothing is more dramatic than spending a holiday on sharp coastlines along the great blue ocean. With long stretches of shiny sandy coast and pristine forests, you would be able to provide your soul the retreat it has been longing for. Bornholm is blessed with remarkable rocks, coastal sea waves, and idyllic cliffs that make it perfect for adventure in nature. The community of the island depends on summer tourism as it helps boost the local economy. Their main source of income is the holiday homes and restaurants. Being an island it houses beautiful fishing towns and villages with friendly locals ready to help the tourists on spot. This Baltic Island of culinary wonders is famous for lip-smacking dishes boosted with fresh seafood and organic herbs. June to October is the ideal time to visit Bornholm Island.

Why is it called ‘The sunshine island?’

The sunshine island
The sunshine island

Bornholm, as it enjoys more hours of sunlight compared to other places in the country, it is known as the sunshine island. Bornholm is an exotic hidden gem of the country and is a virgin island with the smell of fresh nature. It is also regarded as the ‘pearl Of Denmark’ as it shines with maximum availability of sunshine and is visited mostly by tourists of Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, and Denmark. It lies on the off coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea near to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Ronne is the capital of this island with 10000 inhabitants.

Bornholm- also a foodie’s destination


There are idyllic fishing villages characterized by dotted smokehouses offering fresh fish. The most preferred dishes are smoked herrings, krebinetter, frikadeller, red polse, honsekodssuppe and many more. Fresh raspberries, homemade chocolates, ice creams, local beer, and juice are top-rated delicacies and an all-time favorite of tourists. Seamed cod, steak with grilled corn, and mushrooms taste just fabulous.  Bornholm is bursting with the best restaurants that serve organic, local, and seasonal foods. Some of the well-known restaurants offering delicacies are Kadeu, Fredensborg, Razapaz, and Vinos. And yes do not miss the seafood buffet at Fredensborg hotel. The island has awesome Danish food, licorice, and organic ingredients for you to experience.  Due to the low salt content in the Baltic Sea and the hot temperature, the herbs and the fruits grow tastier.

Places to explore in Bornholm

Dueodde Beach - Bornholm Island
Dueodde Beach

Formed from old granite, Opal Lake lies at a distance of 20 minutes from Hammershus. Dueodde Beach is one of the island’s gorgeous beaches and offers a long stretch to walk along the beach. While giving your feet a comfy retreat on white sand, you can explore the Dueodde Lighthouse too. Camping and staying options are available along the edge of the beach. Other most visited places are Sanctuary Cliff and John’s Chapel with the incredible rock formation. The third-largest forest of Denmark lies in Bornholm with biking and hiking trails.

Activities to do in Bornholm Island

windsurfing - Bornholm Island

There is a huge range of sightseeing options that you can discover on the island. Apart from cycling, other common outdoor activities you can enjoy are rock climbing and hiking. If you are a beach lover, head towards the south, where you can get ample beach activities like kayaking, kite surfing, and windsurfing.  Hammershus in Bornholm, a popular castle in ruins is a wonderful tourist delight that exposes the ancient lifestyle of the island. Kornberg, a great fortress, and a number of churches on the island exhibit ancient architecture. Water recreation activities are done during the summer months with Danish and Swedish competitors.

Reaching there


From Copenhagen, it is just a 35 minutes flight distance and there is ferry service from Ystad to Ronne all around the year with more availability during summer. Throughout the ferry trip, you can enjoy spectacular views of Denmark and Sweden’s coastline.

Bornholm holiday cottages

Bornholm holiday cottages
Bornholm holiday cottages

There are numerous staying options in Bornholm. The most preferred accommodations on the island are apartment rentals and house rentals. The modern holiday home in Nexo is a cozy beach house with a terrace to relax and enjoy sunbathing. The sea is just at a distance of 1 meter from here. Local food supplies are in proximity. This one is just a perfect location for couples and families to enjoy a summer beach vacation. One of the other perfect places to stay on this island is Stavhol surrounded by spectacular sceneries. Camping facility is available in the summer season in the woods and meadows.  They offer a half-timbered farmhouse from where you can explore nearby spots like Gudhjem and Osterlars. To explore the island and its culture and events utilize one of the holiday homes in Bornholm for a completely enjoyable trip.

During the summer months, Bornholm comes to life with lots of water and land activities. Bornholm is regarded as one of the great Baltic island locations to visit. With the heat turned on, enjoy an island holiday experience at this sunshine island of Denmark.

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