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Boston sightseeing

Boston sightseeing

Boston sightseeing

Boston sightseeing

Boston sightseeing

Boston sightseeing

One of the oldest as well as the largest and the capital city of Massachusetts is Boston. Boston holds the scene of various key events of the American Revolution. The city has expanded over time and due to its rich history, it attracts over 20 million tourists each year. No other city in America, perhaps holds so much history of colonial and revolutionary war era as Boston.  Here you will find two of the most prestigious colleges in America. They are the Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Boston sightseeing consists of a number of spectacular places such as:

Freedom Trail

The freedom trail is a three mile road that leads you through 16 of the city’s principal historic sites and monuments. When you are following this trail, it will take you to the Old Granary burying ground. You will see the graves of some very well known persons such as John Hancock, Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. After this you will reach the South Meeting House and then the Old State House, which is the oldest public building present in Boston and lastly, you don’t want to miss the site of the Boston Massacre.

Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall is also known as the “cradle of liberty”. It was built in 1740 by Peter Faneuil, who was a Huguenot merchant. It was presented to the city as a market hall on one condition that it should always opened for the public. Still now market stalls hold the ground floor and the upper floor is conquered by council chamber. The fourth floor also serves as a tourist spot where you will find the ancient Artillery Museum with uniforms, weapons and also beautiful paintings related to battles. Adjoining this marketplace are three long halls which is now occupied by restaurants, shops and different exhibition centres. You will also find different kind of street performers on a clear day.

Boston Common and Public Garden Swan Boats

It is the oldest park of America and is in the heart of the city of Boston. This large green space includes various monuments and also the Central Burying Ground. During November to mid-March you can rent skates to use on the Frog Pond. Beside this place is the 24 acre Public Garden. It is America’s oldest botanical garden. You will find Victorian monuments and statues. The most iconic experience about this place is to ride around the lake on famous Swan Boats.

Fenway Park

It is also known as “America’s most beloved ballpark”. Fenway Park is one of the most famous sport centres. Not being a sports fan, you can always enjoy the fun and interesting atmosphere present there. Being so famous, this park only has 33,871 seats for spectators which make the tickets insufficient.

Boston is a city full of gorgeous neighborhoods where each neighborhood has its own character, attractions and mouth watering restaurants. You won’t be able to embrace so many fascinating places that make Boston more elegant and brighter. You can also visit places like the Boston Harbour, Museum of Science and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum etc.

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