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Botanical Gardens Kolkata

Botanical Gardens Kolkata

Botanical Gardens Kolkata

Botanical Gardens Kolkata

Botanical Gardens Kolkata

Botanical Gardens Kolkata

Botanical Garden Kolkata- Howrah Shibpur

The botanical gardens of kolkata are also known as the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose gardens. The garden spreads over an area of 109 hectares and was previously known as royal botanic gardens. Located in Shibpur, Howrah nearest to the city Kolkata this gardens houses many rare species flora. It is operated by the botanical survey of India and exhibit a wide range of tea bushes, cactus house and a nice collection of palm trees. Splendid lily pads are found on the boating lake. Apart from all these the main attraction of the Botanical Garden Kolkata is the ‘banyan tree’ which is regarded as the world’s largest banyan tree. The age of the tree is believed to be 250 years old. The banyan tree boasts the greatest canopy in the whole world. The roots from above the branches have developed in such a way that it is difficult to find out the original shoot of the tree it is grown in a huge area. It is said that the original shoot had been removed due to some infection but all other shoots are supporting the tree in a beautiful manner. The circumference of the huge tree is measured to 330 metres.

How to reach Botanical Gardens Kolkata 

There are buses that leave from Esplanade to Howrah and taxis are available from Shakespeare Sarani that charges rupees 200 passing through the elegant Howrah breeze. The nearest railway station is Howrah railway station. The garden is situated at a distance of 2 kms from the main station. Buses and taxis are available from there to reach the garden. If you plan to come by metro, then Park Street is the nearest metro station and from there it takes 20 minutes to reach the spot. And if airport is the option then the nearest airport is the dumdum airport from where the garden is at a distance of 30 km

Plant species found in the garden

Many of the rare plant species are being preserved in the garden since 18th century. The vast number of species of plants has been restored from all over the world. The largest palm tree refugia are found here. The tea herbs that are now being grown in Assam has been first developed in this garden of Howrah. The rarely found trees of many other countries such as Brazil, Nepal, Java, and Penang are too found here. The orchid house attracts the visitors due to varieties of colourful flowers. The grassy areas are shaded by the trees like tamarind and Mango trees.

Entry fees of Botanical Garden Kolkata

For the huge beautiful botanical garden the entry fee is just Rs 10 for the Indians and Rs 100 for the non- Indians. Monday is a holiday and the garden remains closed on this day. Otherwise it is open on all days of the weak except Monday.

Best time to visit

The garden is the oldest within the country and people from all over the country comes to explore the garden with so many varieties of plants and trees that are rarely found anywhere else. The best time to visit the place is the winter months that fall from October to February. Two hours is enough to complete the strolling around the garden. You must were comfortable shoes as you need to walk long distance. And if you are planning to be there in summer season then try to keep water bottle, caps and sunglasses to avoid the sunlight. But it is suggested to visit the place in winter. The garden remains crowded and most of the visitors plan to be there in winter.

There is a beautiful lake in the heart of the garden named as King’s lake. The pond is beautifies with wonderful water lilies. The Botanical Garden Kolkata was said to be designed by Williwm Roxburg and Robert Kyd. The garden is famous due to the huge number of plants, nearly 12000 species of plants are found here that include herbal and tropical plants. Due to which it attracts lots of visitors every year. It is a must visit place where you would come to know the beautiful creations of nature. It is the place where you can spot so many varieties of plant life altogether in one boundary.


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