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Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado is located at the base of where the magnificent Rocky mountains meet the great plains. The city is often voted one of the best cities to live in America (and apparently has the happiest people!). Surrounded by countryside and greenery, with a mild and dry climate, it’s a picturesque spot for those who love the outdoors. Boulder also acts as a gateway to the skiing resorts of the Rockies during the winter season.

Main Attractions

Visit the Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market Colorado
Farmer’s Market Colorado

Boulder’s farmer’s market is world-famous and runs every Saturday and Wednesday evening on 13th street. It is a paradise for those who like their food fresh and local. Visitors will love the sights, smells and sounds of fresh country produce being sold in this bustling market. Everything sold is from the local Colorado area. If you aren’t looking to cook, local restaurants also set up on the food court and sell their wares. This is the best way to take in the local food scene and stock up on hiking or picnic food for the rest of your trip.

Hike the Flatirons

Hike the Flatirons
Hike the Flatirons

Towering over Boulder are the stunning sandstone formations known as The Flatirons. They look dramatic but are also a natural playground for hikers, dog walkers, mountain drivers, and photographers alike. The vistas from the Flatirons down to Boulder are breathtaking, and a range of hikes (most of them moderate, for novice hikers) will get you to the perfect spot to take in the wonders of Colorado and the Rockies.

Things To Do

Get Outdoors

Boulder has been rated the #1 sports town in America by Outside magazine and is home to over 30,000 acres of unspoiled open space and over 200 miles of hiking trails. It is a playground for outdoor activities, including rock climbing around the Rockies, exploring well laid out bike trails around the surrounding forests, or mountain hikes that are only a stone’s throw away from the center. Boulder has some of the cleanest air and most rewarding views, and climbers and hikers of all levels are more than welcome!

Shop the Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street Mall
Pearl Street Mall

Covering four blocks of central Colorado, the Pearl Street Mall is the bustling commercial center of the city. Street artists and performers mingle with locals and tourists as they explore the boutiques selling antiques, artisan food, locally designed furniture, and boho clothing. Pearl Street is also the home of seasonal events in Colorado, including plenty of live music in the summer months and Christmas celebrations.

Where to Stay

Boulder has a reputation for combining eco-tourism with upmarket chic. The newest hotel in Colorado, the St. Julien on Pearl St, has already built a fine reputation – offering yoga classes combined with brilliant spa treatments.

The Boulder Outlook is Boulder’s first no-waste hotel and has a popular indoor climbing wall to practice on before taking on the Rockies.

Alongside the hotels and mountain lodges, there are budget options too. The Boulder University Inn is a no-frills inn that includes breakfast and a chic room at its reasonable price.


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