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Budapest – “Paris of the East”

Budapest is often referred by this name. It is said to be one of the most beautiful royal capital cities in the world. Having the location of both River Danube on the western part and river Pest on the eastern side makes the city more impressive.

If you come to visit Budapest, there are numerous museums, theaters, cinemas, operas, ballet rooms, folklore programs for entertainment. The famous one is the ‘Spring Festival’ held during springtime and it is said to be the most popular event in East-Central Europe.

List of historical buildings on Budapest Castle district of Buda

King’s Castle and the Matthias Church- 

Matthias Church - Budapest
Matthias Church

They were the Royal Palaces for the Hungarian Kings. Till now, they are famous for its lavish interior decoration of the castle and the architecture of the houses within the castle area. One of the famous spots is Matthias Fountain located in front of the Matthias Church. Today the buildings hold the National Library, National Gallery, and the Historical Museum.

The Heroe’s Square –

The Heroe’s Square
The Heroe’s Square

situated in front of the City Park, rich in historical and political implications. The monument that stands at the center consists of two semi-circles on the top of the symbol of war and peace, work and welfare, knowledge, and glory are constructed. Other than this, the place consists of two buildings, the Museum of Fine Arts and Art Gallery.

Castle of Vajdahunyad – 

Castle of Vajdahunyad - Budapest
Castle of Vajdahunyad

This castle is also located in City ParkThe architectural style is highly influenced by Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque.

St. Stephen Basilica –

St. Stephen Basilica 
St. Stephen Basilica

it’s a Roman Catholic Church. The building was built in a classical style with neo-renaissance touch in its architectural style. The most unique part of this church is, it has a human figure on the high altar, i.e. of the basilica’s patron saint.

Other than these buildings, the other place to visit is the Budapest Parliament. It is said to be the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary and considered as the landmark of Budapest.

If you have a limited budget to visit this place, it’s better if you go for advance booking for hotels. Such booking sometimes provides a bit amount of discount on the price. For communicating with the Budapest people you won’t face many problems as they speak English. As for dining, go for traditional Hungarian food for breakfast, Mexican for lunch, and French for dinner.

There are plenty of restaurants available all over the city where you can sit and relax and enjoy such mouth-watering food. As for tasting wine, hungry is the ideal place as they are proud to be the followers of wine tradition.



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