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Budhapara Lake

Budhapara Lake

Budhapara Lake

Budhapara Lake

Budhapara Lake

Budhapara Lake- Vivekananda Sarobar in Raipur

It is a serene lake in Raipur within the state of Chhattisgarh. The state is full of greeneries offering magical views to the travellers. Those who want to take refugee from the busy city life, for them it is really an awesome gateway into the world of peace. An ancient and largest lake in the state which was built in the 14th century is the Budhapara Lake. It is an attractive tourist destination which is in the mid of the country. Such a wonderful man-made lake is very rare in the state with a statue of Swamiji in between which is mainly responsible to give it a divine look.

How to go

Raipur is well connected by train, flight and roadway. It is at such a place that tourist from far off places can reach easily. The nearby airport is Swami Vivekananda airport. From there cabs or bus is available to the spot. Railway route is also a convenient transport to reach for people living in other states. The nearest railway station is Raipur and local taxis are available from the station. Trains are available from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and many other state capitals. There are state buses which are directly connected to the place. Apart from these one can reach the place in their own transport with the help of Google map as roadways can be easily followed which could take you at your destination without much hassle.

Activities to do in Budhapara Lake

The lake is wonderfully ornamented with Vivekananda statue and musical fountains which dances with music. The activities that is specially done in the lake is paddle boating and motor boating which nobody want to miss. You could also do rafting there if you want. The peaceful environment is another thing that keeps the tourists engaged with nature. It is an ideal place for spending the leisure time with families. People of all ages can find pleasure and enjoy the surrounding there. Doing boating in the clear lake makes your mind cool and calm. The Budhapara Lake is also known as a picnic spot in the city. The greeneries around the lake are a breath taking scenario that you could enjoy while travelling in the lake. Due to the calm nature the place offers a suitable environment for them who want to do morning walk and do exercises or meditation.

Best time to visit Budhapara Lake

Tourists keep on visiting the place at almost every season of the year. It is such a place that could be enjoyed in all types of weather. If you plan to visit in summer then no problem, as the water in the lake and the natural vegetation around keep the place cool and calm meant for no heated surrounding. Rainy season gives a different look to the place. The plants stay wet, and the lake is filled with water, the surrounding is somehow enchanting and creates a romantic essence all around. But to say, winter season serves as the best time to visit and this season is perfect for taking delight in nature.

Things to see

Once you reach the Budhapara lake or budha talab you can understand its beauty. The lake along with the swami Vivekananda statue looks magical and you could feel a positive vibration while going near the statue. The height of the statue is 37 feet which has ranked in the Limca book of records. Such a big statue with musical fountains around is very rarely seen in India. Because of the statue the lake is also called Vivkananda sarobar. There is a temple beside the lake known as Chandraditya temple. The lake opens at 6 a.m to 9 a.m in the morning and again at 3 p.m to 8 p.m in the evening. The statue could be watched from very far due to its big size. It is really a pride for Chhattisgarh to have such a splendid tourist place.

The place is must visit for the local people once in a month to rejuvenate their soul and refresh the mind. Raipur also offers affordable home stays for the people who are coming from far. This is a place in Raipur with full nature retreat to revive the self.

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