Splash Proof Dry Bags

So in case you want to buy one, here is a detailed description to help you know its advantages.

Splash Proof Dry Bags Certain things are must for every outdoor lover particularly who is crazy for adventure, hiking, rafting, camping, diving etc. Arranging for required accessories is the first step you need to take while you plan for an outing, one of which is the Dry Bags. So in case, you want to buy […]

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Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa

The place is situated almost at a distance of 22 km from the city of the capital of Goa, Panaji.

Verna Springs of Kesarval, Goa Springs are awesome gifts of nature that is found in large numbers in all over India. Verna Springs are well known springs of Goa and is a major tourist destination due to its wonderful refreshing feature. The water of this spring is believed to have medicinal properties that can cure […]

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Night hang out in Shiva Valley Goa

Blow your mind and move your body with the awesome rocking music.

Night hang out in Shiva Valley, Goa If you are searching for a place where you can spend nights with great vigor, then the Shiva Valley in Goa is the best place to do that. Goa is basically famous for the night life which is spent with much energy and you can experience something new […]

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Museum of Christian Art in Old Goa

The main theme of the museum is the contributions made by Hindu for the Christian arts. The aim of the objective is to conserve valuable objects for the mass.

Museum of Christian Art in Old Goa Located in Old Goa, in the Santa Monica convent is the Museum of Christian Art. The museum holds different exhibits based on Christian interest. It includes paintings and antique religious silverware. Materials such as artistic crucifix, metal incense boat, procession banner, reliquary chest, and statue of St. Margaret […]

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House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River

Zuari, Terekhol, Mandovi, Sal and the Chapora River are the five such rivers. The beach of Chapora composed of stones and sands. 

House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River, Goa Originating at Ramghat, the Chapora River is in the northern part of Goa that flows towards west into the ever blue Arabian Sea. It acts an s border between Bardez and Pernem which are the talukas of North Goa. To the north of the river is the […]

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Divar Island in Goa

So if you want o get to the island by train then, Carambolin is the nearest railway stoppage to the island village of Vanxim.

Divar Island in Goa Islands are favorite places of most of the people and it serves as a dream place away from the mainland with water on all sides. The Divar Island in Goa, India is such an island situated amidst Mandovi River. This one is situated six miles away from Panjim. It stands at […]

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Chapora Fort in Goa

Altogether you can enjoy views on all sides of the fort as it stands in such a prominent position.

Chapora Fort in Goa Chapora Fort in the state of Goa is a historical destination where Akbar once stayed here in a base camp to find against the Portuguese soldiers. The Portuguese constructed it in 1617 in their own way according to the Muslim structure. In 18th century it got deserted and then reconstructed which […]

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Goa Baga Beach Tour

The parking zone in the beach is big enough to house more than 800 cars.

Goa Baga Beach Tour Baga is situated towards the northern zone in Goa, India. It is a town along the sea beach which is popular due to the Baga creek and the beach. The smallest sate of India, Goa is located along the sea of Arabian Sea because of which the entire state enjoys the […]

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