Kalsubai peak trek

Lots of devotees, trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts visit the mountain every year.

Kalsubai peak trek, the Everest of Maharashtra Amazingly beautiful, the Kalsubai peak is regarded as the highest point in the entire state of Maharashtra. It stands at an elevation of 5400 meters and is known as the Everest of Maharashtra. Kalsubai peak trek is an awesome experience and the top view is worth the trekking […]

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Khadakwasla Dam

People are seen visiting this dam during the monsoon season. Local tourists find this place a beautiful weekend destination due to its scenic beauty.

Khadakwasla Dam- a weekend spot in Pune If you are planning to visit a dam in Pune then Khadakwasla Dam is the prominent one for you as it is the major dam in the city to supply water to the whole city and its suburbs. It stands over the Mutha River and is 21 km […]

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Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The word Pataleshwar means lord of the underground world. At this temple Lord Shiva is known by this name.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple – the oldest temple in Pune Among the old temples of India, Pataleshwar Cave Temple is one such temple that has been built in the 8th century during the period of Rashtrakuta. Previously the temple was outside the boundary of Pune but recently with the extension of the city, the temple has […]

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Osho Ashram

The main feature of the ashram is to work on different meditation programs for improving intelligence and awareness.

Osho Ashram- the international mediation resort in Pune Located in the Koregaon park road in Pune, Osho Ashram is a famous meditation centre globally. People from all over the world are found to take training in this Ashram. The founder of this extraordinary organization is late Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who is known to all as […]

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Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

The recently built red palace is not like the original one, and got constructed in the year 1984 which got its final shape in the year 1988.

Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune The Lal Mahal of Pune is also known as the Red Palace and is the most popular monument of the city, Pune. The palace has been built by Shahaji Bhosale, father of Shivaji Maharaj. The original Lal Mahal has been initially destroyed, and has been rebuilt which is […]

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Peacock Bay in Pune

Other than peacocks the bay also houses some other animals such as lion tailed macaques, deer and civets.

Peacock Bay- NDA ground in Pune Owned by National Defense Academy of Pune, the Peacock Bay is located near Kadakwasla Dam and is a part of it. The lake of the dam extends over an area 501 square kilometer with a depth up to 120 feet. The bay is situated 12 kms away from the […]

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Shinde Chhatri

There is a rule to be followed by every visitor when they enter premise they need to keep their umbrella closed even if it rains.

Shinde Chhatri- a memorial in Pune Shinde Chhatri is a memorial in Pune built in the memory of the Mahadji Shinde, a military leader of the 18th century. He has dedicated his life to the Maratha army and was their commander in chief from the year 1760 till 1780. The building is actually a temple […]

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Pashan Lake

Presently the quality of the water is not good enough and pollution rose due to urbanization.

The artificial Pashan Lake in Pune Located near the Pashan suburbs is the artificial lake of Pashan. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Pune city centre. Built during the British rule the Pashan Lake fulfilled the requirement of water in the region. The water to the lake is supplied by the […]

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